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47 here, Black, married, 2 boys at the house whom are old enough to be gone LOL and 3 small dogs (2 whom love to ride), Ex military never owned a truck always sports and luxury cars. Picked up a few new hobbies which involved me driving my Infiniti Q50 off road and she was not to pleased about that. So now that my lease is up I went and purchased 2016 AT V6 Black Canyon, right now I wish the milage was a little better was hoping for 22 and its at 16 on my first tank.
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48 year old male. Being 6'5" sedans just don't cut it. The wife has a Highlander so don't really need a second SUV. Was looking at mid size trucks for a year until I pulled the plug on my Canyon. First truck. With 2 teenage boys, we occasionally will load mountain bikes in the rear but for the most part, 95+ % of the time, this will be my daily driver. May tow a few times per year. Figure it will come in handy down the road with kids going off to school or moving to their own places in the years to come.

2016 Canyon SLE All Terrain Crew Cab 4x4
Cyber Grey / Jet Black
Steps removed
UnderCover Tonneau
Weatherguard Mud Flaps and Floor Liner
Opt 7 LED Headlights and Fogs
LED Reverse Lights
BNR Tune / Diablosport intune i2
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Originally Posted by samson View Post
Wow I am shocked... I read somewhere that GM's main target with the midsize twins was tradesmen while targeting self employed contractors/companies with full size trucks. I quickly read through this entire thread and I'm shocked that not one person said they are a tradesman (or even a construction contractor).
Tradesmen don't hang out here.
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Late 60s retired male, I recently bought a 2016 Colorado WT, 2WD, 4-cyl, manual transmission. This is my third Chevy and first pickup, but I have always wanted a Chevy PU. In high school in the early 1960s I had my eye on an early 1950s Chevy PU, but it didn't happen. Then life's responsibilities intervened. I had a 1953 Bel Air for a time in college, then a succession of cars good to terrible until we got our 2014 Cruze, only the second car I've bought with an automatic transmission and the first one for which it worked.

The Cruze is a fine automobile but that's my wife's commuter car. I drive a 1994 Rodeo, a GM/Isuzu collaboration like the Colorado/Canyon. It's an excellent vehicle, built like a truck, but after a quarter million miles I decided it was time to move on. I've been reading about the Colorado for awhile and had decided that would be my next wheels, but without acting on it. Then, when I started to look more seriouly, I discovered one configured exactly the way I wanted it, including color (black). It was the only one of its type in the state, as far as I know, so I snapped it up without even driving it (or any other Col/Can), or even seeing it. (I'm not recommending that anyone buy a truck this way.)

Now that I've picked it up (so to speak) and driven it a bit I can say that I am completely satisfied. There is almost nothing that I would change that can't easily be done with aftermarket mods. I might have wanted it with 4WD if I could have got it with manual transmission and transfer case, like my Rodeo, but that's ok. I have experience with a RWD vehicle in winter conditions, so I know what I have to do, and I save a little money.

My expectation is that this will be the last vehicle I ever buy. I'm pretty sure I won't live long enough to match the mileage on my Rodeo.
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39 year old scientist/engineer/jarhead. Married w/ two young kids. Do lots of outdoor stuff and live on acreage.

I have many years and many miles on Subaru and Toyota SUVs. I shoulda bought a truck years ago. I wanted a Tacoma, but I was really disappointed when I drove it. I thought I'd always have Japanese cars, but that changed when I test drove a Colorado.

I wasn't seriously looking, but I found some incredible deals - insane deals really (I got about $5300 below sticker and 0% financing for 60 mo w/ 0 down). So I pulled the trigger. '16 Z71 CGM CC Bose, spray in, towing, flares, etc. Aftermarket modz include Trifecta, steps, 2" leveling.

I'm seeking to get a front skid plate, some way to haul bikes, maybe tint front windows, different wheels/tires.
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54 y/o male, retired a couple years ago after 33 yrs with the same company. 3 kids, 5 grandsons, 3 dogs, 3 fish, a small raised bed garden keep me busy when not helping my best friend at his dive store, where we spend the morning deciding what to eat for lunch.
Obviously, I love scuba diving, but also enjoy snow skiing, fishing and hunting.
Moved from a 2013 Avalanche to this wagon. Loving the minimax.

2016 Colorado CCSB, Duramax Z71 4x4, bose, nav, leveling kit, retrax bed cover, linex, Westin Sportsman Grill Guard Winch, Westin T-Max 9500lb winch with Synthetic line, Mictuning curved light bar, Undercover swing case's.
Duramax Turner DSP 4

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Originally Posted by samson View Post
Wow I am shocked... I read somewhere that GM's main target with the midsize twins was tradesmen while targeting self employed contractors/companies with full size trucks. I quickly read through this entire thread and I'm shocked that not one person said they are a tradesman (or even a construction contractor).
I'm an Ironworker in NYC. 40 2 kids with 3rd (and last) due soon. If I use a company van, my options to travel home are limited due to the commercial plates which leads to an excruciatingly long commute home. All the big stuff gets delivered to the job on a delivery truck anyway. I had 2005 F150 getting 10-11mpg. Same as you, I don't need a fullsize and the money I save in fuel pays for more than half the note on my colorado. Plus I hated staring at the blue oval on the steering wheel. I have owned 3 s-10s in the past and got a good deal on the ford, but never liked it all that much.
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I'm a 48 y/o male. I'm an outside sales rep and drive a mini van M-F for work.
Over the last 29 yrs, I have owned 5 Chevy S-10 trucks, 2 S-blazers, 2 Trailblazers (LS, SS) and an '11 Coly before my current '16 Coly. I have always been a truck guy, but do enjoy my other two current rides as well.

'16 CrewShort LT V6 4x4,
Summit white- 4LT- Black/ash cloth- Bose/Nav- LPO Dual mode exhaust- Black bow ties- White OEM Grille- Air Dam removed- 18" Canyon SLT polished wheels- Rhino lined bed- Lund snap Tonneau cover- Front doors tinted- Tyger Star Armor side steps- OEM Fender Flares

Other rides:
2010 Corvette Grand Sport coupe- Crystal red/black
1990 Corvette coupe= Dark red/black

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62 and retiring well... umm... tomorrow...
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52yo (53 in a few weeks) white male (upper?)-middle class guy. Wife, two kids (15 and 10). I work in the technical/software industry for a company that manufactures meters for electric, gas, and water utilities worldwide. I'm also a US Navy vet (6 years in the 1980's). I'm moving off a full sized Tundra to the Canyon CCSB dMax. Prior trucks have been Toyota Tacoma (1990 - 1996), Dodge Dakota (1996 - 2007), and Toyota Tundra (2007 - 2016). The Tundra was a wonderful vehicle but at 9.5 years old and 175K miles it was time to consider something different. Even thought the Tundra was going strong, it was an ongoing PITA to park in tight spots and on narrow roads I was always competing for space with other vehicles not to mention the dismal MPG from the 5.8L V8.

I shopped the Tacoma, the Colorado, and the Canyon and went back and forth between the Colorado and the Canyon. In the end, I settled on the styling of the Canyon although there were things that I liked and disliked about both models. I'm still sort of 'getting used to' the truck, but I was really focused on moving to a smaller vehicle since we seem to have less of a need these days for the full sized variant. I will miss the bed capacity for hauling mulch, dirt, etc, but the Canyon bed is reasonable, and I have scoped out dual axle trailer rentals (U-haul) for those times when I need to pick up larger or heavier amounts of material. I'm thinking of this as 'the truck I need' rather than maybe 'the truck I want' and am working to grow into it. After 1.5 weeks of ownership, I'm getting happier with it. The dMax engine is a perk to me. I have not had a diesel before, but thought this would be a differentiator and make my truck different from those other twins in the area (although there is at least 1 other truck identical to mine in the Raleigh area!). I expect to use the truck mainly for daily commute, with the occasional need to haul mulch/dirt/plants/lumber. I don't really expect to be doing much or any towing with it, but nice to know that the ability is there should my needs change.

In the end, I could have bought any truck that I wanted, but really wanted a mid sized truck for this stage in life. There are limited options, and I researched these vehicles for quite some time, probably over-analyzing things which is how I generally roll. I'm looking forward to what I hope are years of enjoyment for this vehicle. I'm already enjoying the massive MPG upgrade over the avg 13.9MPG from my Tundra!

2016 GMC Canyon SLT: CCSB 4x4, 2.8L Duramax, Summit White, Bull Ring side wall anchors, AMP Research Powerstep, Rugged Cover Tri-Fold Tonneau, WeatherTech Mudflaps

Planned Mods:

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68, married, no kids, one black lab, living in rural Wyoming, 2 miles of gravel road and a bunch of wildlife to get to the mailbox, then a 70 MPH 2 lane pavement (closed by the state frequently in winter) to anywhere else. Do I need to justify a 4x4 truck in Wyoming? Got the gasser, but perhaps the diesel would have be a good alternate. Did you know there are more diesels in Wyoming (per capita) than any other state? It's fun to watch a SmartCar navigate around here. If they hit a pronghorn, they lose...

Not much stock to take care of, but we needed ground clearance (got tired of dragging a Trailbazer's running boards on the dirt/rocks). My Canyon still fits in the garage even with the tailgate down.

Just the Wife and I to travel/camp/fish/hunt, so an ext cab was all I needed. Got a great GM dealer who pulls staffing from the local WyoTech automotive college, and does not negotiate vehicle price. What you see posted is what you pay, period. The service department also actually listens to you.
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28, first truck and fourth Chevy owned.

No wife, no kids - just bought it because I do fun stuff and needed this type of truck!

(88' Camaro, 06' Monte Carlo, 14' Camaro, and now 16' Colorado)

2016 Colorado WT Crew Cab 2.5L
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This (new Denali) will be my fourth Canyon so i guess I am pleased with them. i retired from a long career in Law Enforcement to living on a lake in the Great Northwest with my Westie and hobbies of hunting and fishing. I have two daughters and four grand kids each daughter on opposite coasts, all will be gathering here this summer for becoming reacquainted and family fun. The Canyon is the perfect size for my needs in a rural community surrounded by cultivated fields but adjacent (12 miles away) to a large city (in E Washington there are few cities of any size).
Winters can be a bit cold and long for the average person so when i get "cabin fever" I get in the Canyon with a few rifles and ammo , my Westie and enough dog food for a couple of months then drive to East Texas and my best buddy for lots of hog hunting. My friend makes sure my Westie and I are housed and provided with the opportunity to rid Texas of those nasty smelling critters (40 last year). My biggest to date was over 350#.
As far as the trip most areas have 75 or 80 mph speed limits, i rarely drive over 70 and the 15 Canyon has averaged 24.9 each way, is less fatiguing than any vehicle i have had before it so I am really looking forward to this year's trip in the new Denali. I am also looking forward to the heated steering wheel in those cold winter months ahead.

2017 Canyon Denali, crew, short bed, V6, 8spd, hard fold tonneau by Extang
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28 yr old single guy from colorado. Sold my subaru of 5 years to get the canyon mini max to haul around a dirtbike
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52 yr old man. Single, no kids. Excop and now high tech exec. Like another posting, I am extra tall (6'7) and there are few vehicles that are comfortable. I live in the city (Seattle) but play in the country (mountains, desert running). I have had full size trucks and Jeep Wranglers my whole adult life and currently have a Wrangler (and a toy car for weekends). I do love Wranglers, but having a pickup bed has always been much better for me than an SUV. Living in the city makes having a full size truck just not workable. I tried a Taco, but they just dont put any head room in those things. My dad (80 yrs old) is a died in the wool GMC man and I bought him a Canyon Denali for his birthday. When I picked it up at the dealership, I loved it so much I started to look into the ZR2 which I had seen launched at the LA Show. The rest, as they say, is history. ZR2 on its way and I still sneak my dad's Denali out every chance I get.

'17 Red Quartz Canyon Denali (and just ordered his evil twin - Cajun Red ZR2)
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56 y/o, married, adult kids from previous marriage, Mechanical Design Engineer. We wanted a diesel powered vehicle with better off-road (less likely to get stuck) capability than our 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD. Have a ZR2 on order (6/5 TPW). I usually commute by bicycle since we moved to CA. My wife (no longer can drive) liked the passenger seat in the Colorado Z71 better than the the Jeep GC - which is not currently sold with a diesel due to FCA <> EPA issues. Even the Colorado is larger than we would have liked. If the Ford Ranger/Bronco had been available, diesel versions would have been considered.
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37, single, live in the city, work in marketing. Been a sports car guy all my life and have worked in the auto industry (marketing) for quite some time before recently leaving for another industry (still marketing). Previously had (in no particular order) various generations of M3s, a 2015 GTR, a 2016 Ghibli SQ4, and a bunch of Grand Cherokees. Have never owned a Chevy but have been spending time doing more outdoors things and wanted something fun. Just bought a ZR2 duramax and love it so far. Truck stays parked as I bike or take public transit to work but have plenty of adventures planned this summer and fall, including Badlands in Indiana, Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail, and some trips to the U.P.
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48, married, the Colorado is part of our general downsizing plan in preparation for early retirement (moving from a 4000 sqft home with a 6-car garage on five acres to a condo on the river... big changes ahead). We're both in IT, but I've owned and sold a successful semi-truck dealership and as well as a small trucking and transloading company. The Colorado is our 57th vehicle (we usually have at least three or four at once). My 07 Suburban LTZ was the most trouble-free vehicle I've ever owned and locked me in as a Chevy buyer, but it was getting a little long in the tooth and I didn't relish driving and parking it in-town on a daily basis. I never liked the first-gen Twins but I saw a new Gen 2 back in 2015 and started keeping an eye on them. The 2017 improvements sealed the deal. My wife still loves her Trifecta-tuned turbo Solstice, also very trouble-free going on ten years.

Still a little unsure about my expectations for long-term satisfaction with the Colorado. I've already decided it has the least-comfortable seat of any daily driver I've owned in the past 20 years. (The best was my always-broken Benz E55 -- the worst car I ever loved -- and the Suburban was a close second.) I'm considering having the seats completely reupholstered.

2017 2WD Colorado LT V6 CCSB
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I'm a little older than most here, 72. I drove a Ford Ranger for almost 20 years (one truck) and when it came time to replace it Ford had stopped selling the Ranger in the US market (soon to return in 2019) so I looked a the Tacoma and the Colorado and the Colorado won hands down even though it is somewhat larger than the old Ranger. I have a 2016 Z71 Extended Cab Colorado with the following option: V6 auto, Tow Package, Assist Steps, Factory Spayed Bed Liner 4x4 and I have added a BAK MX4 cover. Great truck.
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I'm 49, married for 22 years with two teenage daughters at home. I'm a Clinical IT consultant. I purchased my truck to replace a 2014 BMW 228i. I have owned several trucks in the past including a couple of Rangers and a Titan. I really missed having the utility of a truck. I really think every homeowner should have at least one truck. I also hunt and fly fish and a truck really comes in handy. Really love my Canyon and about the only other Truck I would rather have would be a Raptor. I do confess that I prefer Ford trucks and would have purchased a Ranger if they were still being sold in the US. Of course if I did not have two daughters ($$$) with college tuitions to save for, I would have purchased a Raptor.

2017 GMC Canyon All Terrain X Quick Silver Metallic

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