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Originally Posted by boat View Post
Just read the Colorado and Canyon are on Consumer Reports 20 least dependable car list. Pretty sad if you ask me that 6 out of 20 are GM vehicles. 2nd is ford, 3rd is fiat Chrysler. No additional info on most common complaints with the twins though.
Hmmm. Consumer Reports, the same guys who told me in 1990 that I shouldnt get a Jeep Wrangler based on its terrible repair history? The 1990 Jeep Wrangler 5 speed I bought anyway that went 138,000 miles on the same clutch and never gave me a problem?
Ford No. 2? How about my 2013 Ford Escape Titanium that developed an oil leak at the transfer case at 1500 miles and needed new front axle boot seals at 7,000 and 12,000 miles respectively? Not to mention the 7 recalls that Im up to on it. No more Ford for me, thanks.
CR should stick to reviewing microwave ovens.
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Mine has been to the dealer twice to address hood flutter, twice for factory paint blemishes, I believe a total of 4 recalls, once for a PCM update, and once for a T-case electronic issue. I still like the truck, but there's no denying that's a lot of dealer trips for a truck that I've had 14 months and put just 8k miles on. If my experience is representative I can see how the twins could end up on an "unreliable" list.

Brownstone Colorado CC SB Z71 4WD with trailering, spray in liner, splash guards, and tie down rings. Added Homelink, LED interior lights, Rocky Road Super Sliders, Fold-A-Cover G4 Elite, and Blue Ox base plate.
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What members of a fan site fail to realize is the average owner of a +$30,000 truck wants zero trips back to the dealer for BS waranty claims. No excuses.
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2016 Canyon Ext Cab SLE
Red Rock
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Single zone /slider
Bed Rug
Lear XL cap
Lear Ultimate tail gate seal
Weather Teck liners and splash guards.
Production date 10/15

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Members also fail to realize that the site is overwhelmingly biased by a small number of complaints. All you have to do is look in any forum for any vehicle and you'll see the same thing. With the number of trucks GM sells, what I see here actually makes me think they have done an amazing job with these trucks.

Small trucks have always been at the bottom of any reliability ranking. If all I cared about was getting 200,000 miles without an issue, I'd trust a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry before I'd trust any truck. On the other hand, I too feel like reliability should at least be weighted in a way that places higher significance on issues that are likely to leave you stranded. Every truck I've ever owned, domestic or foreign, has had numerous issues over it's lifespan, but only one of my old S10's ever left me stranded, due to a failed fuel pump.

Some of the stuff here is so trivial it just makes me laugh. Hood flutter, seriously. It's an aluminum hood. Have you ever seen the way an airplane wing behaves in turbulence? Shifting to a high gear too quickly...that's virtually every vehicle on the market nowadays. I'll see how it holds up over time, but so far this is so far and away the best truck I've owned (despite all the effort I can make to find it's flaws).
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I've had my Canyon for about 3 months coming from a F150 FX4. The F150 was one of the best vehicle that I have even owned. When I first got the truck I had a list of small items to fix on my first service visit. After that there were no real issues for the next 6 years. I also got a tune to fix the F150 shifting issues. The Canyon just went in for it's 5000 mile oil change and a small list of issues. I also plan to get a tune to take care of the shifting. I think it will turn out to be a very reliable truck. I enjoy driving it and it looks awesome.
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From all the cars I ever owned there is one that was the biggest POS on the planet and that was a Honda Prelude.

These reports usually has more than one meaning; saying one thing and meaning another (just in case of law suits). What they mean by reliability? Reliability and Build Quality has different meanings. In people's mind reliability means all, to me is that never leaves you stranded; always starts up, get you from point A to B. For example, Hood Flutter is not a reliability issue, is a design issue and/or assembly issue. Owned a Chrysler Sebring that was traded under the lemon law. The car was very reliable and dependable; however, an odd light racheting sound from the transmission, when coasting at very low speeds that was normal to all Chrysler from the same time. That could be the issue that prompted to the lemon law trade as unfixable.

Our Colorado does not have a single issue beside a cracked windshield... bummer. Never had some like that happen to me on a new vehicle.
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Consumers Reports. The same dingleberries that once down-rated a screwdriver because the handle was so comfortable it made stripping screws by over tightening them too easy.
Seriously. What a crap rag.
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I am an old timer, have never liked the new electronic controls and computer operated systems......But I have a confession, I love all the bells and whistles on my 2016 Colorado Z71 4x4, sure it has more chances to have some sort of failure, but having bought and sold over a hundred or more vehicles in my 40 years of driving, I have found that all things mechanical or electrical can fail, it's called the human factor, they are all built by people.So try to buy a truck built on a Wednesday, no Monday morning hang overs, no Friday evening party plans to interfere with a properly assembled vehicle........
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Meh, I never based my purchasing plans on what Consumer Reports had to say anyway.

So far I've put almost 9000 miles on my truck that I bought four months ago. The only "real" issue I've experienced was an intermittent problem with the rear camera, but it happens so infrequently that it's not worth my time to go to the dealer to get it addressed. Once I got the "service rear vision system" message out of the blue but the message only lasted roughly 1/2 a second before it returned to normal. 99.9% of the time it works fine, but .1% of the time I'll get a "glitch in the matrix" look in the video.

I just did it's second oil change and I noticed that it consumed almost a quart of oil in 4000 miles, but I figure that's because the engine is still breaking in.

Beyond that I absolutely love my truck.

2016 GMC Canyon SLT 4x4 in Copper Red Metallic
Hellwig rear swaybar/Pop N Lock for the tailgate/Revolver X2 tonneau cover/Bed Lighting/Extra high amperage USB charging ports/GM Bed Mat/Tailgate brake & backup lighting/Fumoto valve/Line-X
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Sca-Rew all those consumer B.S. rags.
They've consistently rated the Wrangler as horribly unreliable, and when you look at the new(er) ones individually they score consistent red circles(that's C.R's most reliable symbol) across the board, but the rag still calls 'em 'unreliable'. The biggest 'rating' however, is what the actual consumer thinks, and in this case the vehicle that CR's says is a raging POS just happens to be so popular that JD Power says it retains 75% of its value a full FIVE-YEARS down the road.
GM feels (at least the diesel) Colorado is gonna be valued the same, as they give their 3-yr lease a 72% residual(4wd diesel). That's actually a point higher than Chrysler gives(or at least gave back in '15) the Wrangler for the same lease).
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My mantra
what ever consumer report rates highest, I chose the other choices.
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Other than the recalls I have had zero problems with my Canyon. I am very happy with my choice at the 2 year mark.

2015 Canyon SLE All Terrain Extended Cab with Heavy Duty Trailer Package, Cyber Gray Metallic, navigation, and spray in bed liner. Ordered Oct. 28th, delivered January 21st to dealer (Billion Automotive Sioux Falls, SD) and finally picked up by me January 22nd.
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Love my Collie, no complaints from me.

If I had to rate anything negative, it would be the low speed shift issue with the transmission. Not a big issue with me.

If you go back the last 24 months, there has been a lot of controversy at CR, with senior testers leaving and saying CR is not as realiable in their testing as they have been in the past.

But then again, CR does rate the Honda Ridgeline as a truck, when in reality it is a car with a bed......
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Originally Posted by boat View Post
Just read the Colorado and Canyon are on Consumer Reports 20 least dependable car list. Pretty sad if you ask me that 6 out of 20 are GM vehicles. 2nd is ford, 3rd is fiat Chrysler. No additional info on most common complaints with the twins though.
Mine is very positive... I do not give 2 shits on what Con-sumer Rip-off says...

Fake News
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12,600 miles and all the issues I have had have not been engine related.

I would only trade My Duramax in for a Tesla truck, for my use More than what I would need as far as miles.
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Other than a few mandatory recalls, I've had zero issues to speak of. Trans has finally figured me out after one year. I'm still amazed at the power of the V6 coming from strictly V8s. Averaging 18 mpg in Atlanta Nascar traffic with basically no freeway time and my foot constantly deep in the go pedal to fend off the natives. Now, where's a piece of wood to knock on......
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2016 Z71 Crew Cab 4WD
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