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Originally Posted by jso902 View Post
I'm surprised no one has gripped about the gas pedal... it sits too far to the right. Sounds petty... but I can't imagine a size 12 shoe to be driving with too much comfort.

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Yep. I wear a 12 and depending on what shoe it rubs the side. It's similar in my old ford, the carpet is worn to show it. At least our trucks have a rubber pad there to prevent wear. It's nothing I can't (and already have) gotten used to.

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And away we go, you are kidding right? It was fun while the 2nd gen twins were new. And watch the things people say next. Your foot is to big for the truck? The girls must love you long time. How come GM didn't put that side to side gas pedal adjustment in these trucks? Got to love it.
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2016 Chevy Colorado Z71 V6 4x4 Extended Cab
Built 8/18/15
A.R.E. Z Series Cap
Red Hot

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Originally Posted by RatRacer View Post
I remember what you do, and where you do it, from the HHR days with our MAP sensor debacles.
I am aware what the impact is of adding 1 extra stop along a production line is to install a $1 item, instead of it being inclusive to a package with an already existing stop.

None of this was directed at or to you. I never really even noticed you even posted. So please don't make a big deal out of this. I know you are better informed than most

FWIW my Maps are still working well no issues

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Originally Posted by CaryBosse View Post
So my 832 credit score and 1.9% financing for 4 years are golden?

I remember when a la carte was more the norm on a vehicle order. It was nice, but before I retired my engineer hat & whistle, I had learned that packaged deals were the norm. GM still offers a better ability to build out your truck than the Toyotas and Hondas of the world. Haven't looked to closely at Nissan.
Yep the Asian brands really have little flexibility even in there plants here.

Ford with their fleets still will make about anything if you buy enough of them. We has a local company have special 3/4 ton trucks built to do logging. They were some of the heaviest off road trucks I ever saw from a factory.

Also a local dealer back in the 80's got a half ton built with a 454 once before it was an option.

The one truck I would have wanted was a GMC standard cab short bed. A Firestone manager told me they called him for slicks for it.

I guess they found an original ZL1 BBC and installed it in the truck to race for fun. I often wonder what happened to that one. That was back in the 80's too.

Shame you can't do that kind of stuff much anymore.

The last special car I saw was a 5th Gen Camaro with a V6 but a full SS package on the car. It also had emblems that said ES and not SS.

It belonged to the former F body manager and he had the engineers fit it out for his mother. Her initials were ES and they matched the GM emblems as they had them custom made. Kind of reminded me of the old days.
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I'm just glad for heated seats...
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Turbo guy, And heated steering wheel ! My Denali ( if it ever leaves the Wentzville parking lot) would be enjoyed more if it had a power slider, love the slider but manual is inconvenient for the driver to operate, also where is the Home Link garage door opener? Glad they put a little cubby hole in the dash that my opener slips right into.
Yes, there are 'goo gaas' that I would like too see on the truck but my 2015 is a great truck all inclusive that i keep wondeing if ordering a new one was the best idea I have come up with this year. Actually I know the Denali will be just as nice and hopefully even better than the SLT as far as a total lack of complaints or repairs ( other than minor recalls), did I say these are great trucks?

2017 Canyon Denali, crew, short bed, V6, 8spd, hard fold tonneau by Extang
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Some comments of mine and wife after about 3 month's ownership. Probably a lot like earlier comments on our 2017 Colorado LT 3.6L w/8 speed transmission.
I am coming from a 2010 Colorado LT2 CCSB 3.7L I5 bought new and owned for 7 years, and before that a 2005 Colorado LS CCSB I4 driven for 5 years.

The leather 4-way power/heated seats are just ok. The 2010 Colorado LT2 had leather 6-way heated power seats that were much move comfortable and adjustable. We miss them. GM should match these in the Gen II Twins.

The door panel storage is deplorable and nearly useless with all the shallow, odd shaped swoopy, curved sections that are are only usable for small items. Our "old" 2015 Equinox has more and better door and console storage than this 2017 Colorado. There is even a passenger side console side pocket which can hold maps as well as the deep door pockets on the Equinox.

The only place to store road maps is the glove box and center console. So you have to dig around layers of things to find what you need. In our Equinox, we have local maps, store brochures, etc in one set of storage pockets, out of state in another where we travel regularly, and upstate things in a 3rd map pocket all neatly in place and ready for use. - - - Sadly, the 2017 Colorado can not compare. Yeah . .. we know, use a GPS instead of maps. We do use a newer Garmin, but maps are still useful. We have travel brochures and local attraction brochures as well. . . I guess this is GMs way of forcing and Onstar "Travel Guide" subscription.

So far, the engine and drive train are very good, but I say this seriously, the 3.7L V6 in the 2010 Colorado LT2 was plenty at 242HP and had plenty of passing power even when cruising at 65 MPH or more. It surprised the heck out of us for a humble I-5 power plant. That said, the 3.6L LGZ V6 and 8 speed transmission is nice and smooth. I only have 800 miles or so on it so haven't "nailed" it really . .. just a few half-way on ramp and passing accelerations. It is smooth and powerful. Don't see or really care for the "V4" cylinder mode it goes into at low speeds or coasting. I can tell now when it slips into the mode. . there is a very slight drop in engine power almost like I lightly tapped the brake and quickly let off.

MyLink. . . Works mostly ok. Again, comparing it to our 2015 Equinox with MyLink the Equinox system is better and more intuitive I think. I hate that the 2017 Colorado opens to the Home screen and Icons rather than the last radio station or other screen it was on when starting. It seems it will return to "Last Screen" but only if using the Remote Start key fob to start the truck or if I was playing USB media previously, but not for FM or XM Radio. We miss the XM Radio Supplied 5 Day and Local Weather, Local Gas Prices, & Local Movie Shows/Times we have on our Equinox. That is a quick and easy to use feature. Also, there do not seem to be many apps in the MyLink "Store". Wondering also how long GM will be updating and/or supplying apps for this version of MyLink. Will it just fall into being obsolete after 3 or 4 years? That is my guess since the "Latest MyLink" will be out in new models.

I know these are mostly small complaints, but enough to cause us to focus on them rather than the truck's admirable features.

The body design, paint, fit and finish seem superior to the old Gen 1 Colorado compared to the 2010. The ride is quiet and smooth. It seems like a bigger truck inside then our previous two Colorados. It feels almost like a full sized truck at times but more nimble. Maybe, because in reality if you check 90's and earlier truck sizes this Colorado is nearly the size of an old F-150 or GMC Sierra. I pull up next to some of those at traffic lights and, golly, the Colorado sits as high or higher, and is about the same length.

What else? I like the deeper pickup bed and spray on liner. I went with a Bullet liner for $350 and also bought an ARE truck cap. Nice combination. Never had a spray on bed liner before and is well worth it.
We also like the fold down rear seats and under seat storage area in the Crew Cab. Should I store our maps back there? lol

About all for now. Maybe edit this later.

2017 2WD Colorado LT V6 CCSB Luxury & Convenience Pkgs, Black/Ashen Gray Leather, Bullet Bedliner, ARE cap.

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Originally Posted by Tractman View Post

2. I have four vehicles......the other three have the following features that I want on my truck.....even if they are an option I would like the ability to spec my truck the way I want it....
-Keyless entry.....I hate fishing for my keys when I get to the door.
-Push button start.....again its a key thing
-Homelink.....I don't like the stupid door opener hanging on the visor and I don't like the idea of modifying a $40K truck to install it.
-Real Daylight LED running lights....why on earth they turn on the headlights with the LED's in there blows my mind.
-I would like to have the option to delete the Sliding Rear Window (I have an SLT)...I don't use it....I don't like the way it looks, and its easy for a thief to pop it open.
I will trade you my straight glass window for the sliding rear. Not even kidding. I have a 2015 WT Crew Cab Long Bed.

"Strength is never a weakness" - Mark Bell

2015 Colorado WT Crew Cab Long Bed 3.6L
MBRP Single Side Turn Down Before Axle At Exhaust
Kenwood DNX691HD Deck w/SiriusXM Tuner & Navigation

To Do:
AutoSpring 2.5" Leveling Kit
Zone Off Road 1.5" Body Lift Kit
Platinum Allure Black 17" Rims
Kanati Mud Hog Tires - LT285/70R17
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Originally Posted by boombots View Post
Yep. I wear a 12 and depending on what shoe it rubs the side. It's similar in my old ford, the carpet is worn to show it. At least our trucks have a rubber pad there to prevent wear. It's nothing I can't (and already have) gotten used to.

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Glad I'm not the only one who is annoyed by this, it definitely took some getting used to. But once in a while I will snag the side of the transmission hump.

2017 Chevy Colorado Z71, Crew Cab, Short Bed, LGZ 3.6L, 8L45 8 Spd.

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Good comments. My .02:
- I don't really care about push-button start or keyless entry, and frankly i'm concerned about how easy those systems are to hack
- Homelink, and the lack of rear AC vents are the two things that annoy me the most (well, my passengers as far as the rear-AC vents go).
- I like the rear sliding window as it's way too noisy to drive with a window open 'unless' the rear window is open. So...what i'd really like to have is a way to open/close the window from the driver's seat.
- Actually there is one thing that annoys me more than not having homelink and no rear AC vents - NO 4WD INDICATOR ON THE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER!

Overall though, i'm still very very happy with this truck.

2016 Colorado LT 4WD, Long-Box, Laser Blue/Jet Ash. Convenience & Luxury packages, Factory Spray-in Bed Liner, Safety Package, Trailering Package, Mud Flaps, Quad-fold G4 hard tonneau cover, 3" OEM steps, All-season OEM floor mats

Ordered 5/22/15
TPW: 7/13/15
Received: 8/8/15
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I would like them to add the rear prox alarm system that the arcadia has, as well the ability to adjust the side mirrors and fold them if needed. Also a accelerator pedal adjustment system, because with how I have my seat now, I can not see most of the information screen as it is blocked by the center steering wheel. And automatic 4 WD. Ok, I'm done sharing..
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Thought I would tack on a review as well.

2017 Colorado Z71 V6 4x4 CC SB Silver Ice.

I have close to 2k miles having the truck for 2 months now. I really love the truck (even though it has spent a couple weeks in the service shop). Some of that time was for accessory installation. but most was due to some quality control issues and cosmetic things that must have happened during shipment.

I had some scratches in the tailgate that ended up too deep and required a complete respray of the tailgate. There were also some other minor scratches and dings, but the dealership took care of those as well. As far as QC goes, I had two trim pieces on the rear seats that had broken tabs on them and had to be replaced. I was also getting some loud rattles in the back of the cab as well. They found that the rear window actuators on both rear doors were loose, so they tightened them up and now the rattles are gone.

As far as the performance of the truck goes, I couldn't be happier. This thing really moves! I would say that the V4 mode in this is pretty useless. I don't notice it transitioning, so it doesn't bother me at all. However, while I had it in the shop, I drove multiple Silverados and they seem to make more effective use of that mode. I think it would be cool if you had the option to switch it over to V4 manually. I am also not a big fan of the electronic 4 wheel drive selector and like many others I don't like the placement of it either.

I love the overall design of the truck and the size seems perfect to me. I don't understand the thought process behind the door pockets and wish there was a split glove box like the full size trucks have, but those are just minor things. I also think that a power rear slider would be helpful along with a remote locking tailgate. My last truck was a 98' Dodge Dakota which had far fewer features than this truck so I am not complaining by any means, but after driving vehicles that had those features, I can certainly see their usefulness.

Although I haven't had to tow anything yet, I have done other "truck things" such as hauling furniture, getting lumber, irrigation pipes and other gardening supplies. Picked up a new chest freezer the other day as well as a shed kit. All of which validated by decision to purchase a truck again. This is also my daily driver and I use it haul the family back and forth across the valley as well.

I put running boards on it right away to assist the wife and children in getting into the vehicle. I also put a Peragon cover on the back so I can lock things away safely when needed.

Overall I would give the truck an 8/10

2017 Colorado/Z71/V6/4WD/CC/SB Silver Ice, Bose, Nav, SBL, Tow/Trailer Brake, OEM Fender Flares, OEM Floor Liners, Generic Running Boards

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