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Fuel leak top of tank, '06 canyon - anyone had this?


I've got an '06 with 240K on it. I've had it since new and it's used as my 2nd vehicle - last couple months I've had it sitting while I worked on some other projects but need it bad now.

It has a fuel leak on the top of the tank that only happens when it's running and it leaks a lot. I'm figuring hose or the fitting on the fuel pump sending unit has snapped off, or some plastic part has broken etc etc..

Anyone run into this? This truck does not need to be fixed nicely, just fixed so it's not broke.. What was your issue and how hard was it to get at? Any tricks?

I'm thinking if I can find a safe way to do it I might cut a hole in the bed to gain access (versus dropping the tank).. but maybe it's not hard to drop the tank. As far as I got with it before was checking to see where the fuel was coming from and calling it quits, so have not yet picked up the manual but I assume it's just a fitting on top of the tank w/ a fuel pump down inside and it's leaking from around where the hose & outlet meet.

Thanks in advance!


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