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There have been a few reports of leaks at the top of the fuel tank. The top of the pump is plastic and the fuel lines/fittings are nylon, so they won't be rusted. Sometimes the fittings will split or the seals deteriorate causing leaks. The Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor is mounted to the top of the pump assembly and can leak. A more serious problem, especially for those like you, in snow country, is that the retainers that hold the fuel pump lock ring are metal and can rust to the point of breaking. The retainers are molded into the tank and cannot be replaced.

The fuel tank on Crew Cab models is partially under the cab, so access may be a problem, if the bed is moved. An inspection of the area will determine if it more feasible to drop the tank or move the bed. Before dropping the tank it would be a good idea to check the condition of the mounting straps. If rusted, they might break during removal.
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