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Originally Posted by leaky View Post
Thanks for that guys - looking at it from underneath my initial impression is the straps are fine.. Sizing it up quickly tonight and I think you are right on the orientation of the tank to the bed - may not really be under the bed as I thought initially (this is a crew cab).

That's a good question on the crew cab tank removal - even if I took the bed off is that going to give me enough access to the tank? I guess a 2nd question is do you really need to actually remove the bed or could I just take the bolts out and lift it up enough to gain access? You would think I could just remove the bolts & lift the front of it up 2 feet.

I know, for instance, when installing a transmission in my blazer I was able to gain enough clearance by removing some bolts that held the body to the frame in the front & jacking it up like an inch but didn't need to actually go anywhere near what the book called for...

But then I imagine if those steal parts on the tank are shot, the tank has to come off, so it's getting dropped regardless? I don't really care if the straps break - actually if I think I can do it without starting a fire and it makes my life easier somehow, I'll take a sawsall to them and weld them back together later.

FYI "strangely" at like 120K I got an intermittent evap code I've ignored for the last 120K... it became non intermittent at like 150K.. then not long after the fuel level sending unit quit, so I got one of those codes too.. Then maybe 500 miles ago it began starting a little funny with a mild gasoline smell.. Now it pisses fuel and starts like ****.. None of these things could possibly be related :).. And oh yes I am in snow country and the exterior of this vehicle has been washed 0 times since new.


Do it right and pull the tank. Only then will you be able to evaluate it to determine what parts are needed. The components need to be crash worthy, not patched up. Getting caught in a wreck with jammed doors is no fun, but add a fire and now OnStar might not be enough....

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