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Originally Posted by cart7881 View Post
The bed can just be lifted on one side enough to get clearance. I have never removed a bed, completely, to get access to a fuel pump. One advantage to moving the bed is that you can confirm where the leak is coming from because the pump/plumbing will still be operational. Again, not sure if there is clearance with a Crew Cab.
Thanks again - poking around online I found others with the CC stating indeed there is *not* clearance with the crew cab and an inspection of the space between the bed & cab reveals the leak I have (and what I think is that carriage w/ the fuel punp eratta) is just forward of the bed under the cab...

So just completed step 1 - charge battery & remove leaky truck from woods, park in area to be worked on
Step 2, reference manual and figure out what to take off first

It appears in this case there is just no easier way - if I did not have the crew cab though I'm pretty sure I'd be cutting a hole in the bed, there is definitely clearance for it (ie to put a protective piece of plywood in there or something).. just where this lines up it absolutely would not help or work, even if I wanted to cut a hole in the cab it's partially on the corner. I bet w/ the bed completely off it might make the fuel tank job a tad easier as you'd have access from above, but probably not worth taking the bed off if you have to drop the tank anyway.

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