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Where are all the good looking wheels... (another wheel advice thread...)

I am on the hunt for some simple, and clean looking 18" 5 spoke wheels. I've scoured the internets to try and find what I had my heart set on, which are ultimately something that look like these:

Original 19 Dodge Viper SRT10 Rear Sidewinder Wheel Factory Stock 2341 | eBay

New Factory Dodge Viper ACR Sidewinder SRT 19inch Polished Rear Wheel 2341 | eBay

They're simple... clean... mean looking... nice lip... spokes recessed behind the lip a little bit... Just perfect in my book.

The closest thing I've ever seen as a 5 spoke were those American Racing RT-S or whatever they're called... But I wasn't completely sold on their look and from I could see they only came in 20"... I just don't think I want to go with something that big... It's unfortunate that no one makes anything in 19" for our trucks/bolt pattern either, from what I can see; because that would be the perfect size IMO.

The only other wheels I've seen that strike my fancy any way at all are the Enkei RT6 and ST6... The RT6's are obviously not made anymore and I can't find a set anywhere... But those 2 wheels are the closest thing to my taste, albeit 6 spoke designs...

I just have to know, where are all the good looking wheels? It's like 95% of the wheel choices for our trucks are the ugly, overly-macho DudeBRO or BROneck wheels... I mean to each they're own but they're phugging butt-ugly, tacky and hideous to me...

Is there anyonnnnnne who has an idea of where I can find wheels that are a lot closer to what I'm looking for...? Because at this point, it's looking like the Enkei ST6's are my only choice per my own criteria...

The other thing was I'm also in the market for new tires. I really wanted to try and get the fattest tire I could on the new wheels... I did some research and it seemed like there was a person or 2 who was able to get a 275/45/18 on and had no issues with rubbing or whatever... But that 265 would definitely work with no issues... My truck is stock height and will remain that way, I suppose the only other thing that may be any bit of an issue with clearance is the offset of the wheel (which I would try to stay with at least +15 offset)?

Anyhow, any help or info would be much appreciated, thanks!

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