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Regarding lifted / offroad look (identification?)


New here, complete rookie.

For ages I've drooled on the semi offroad-trucks I see a few times on the roads in Sweden, and I've really come to like the 1st generation Colorado - as it's both nice looking, not too big and a chevy. Living in the northern parts of Sweden it would be an amazing vehicle to own aswell.

However, my mechanic skills is very limited, and I've come to realise that having a lifted truck takes some know-how and maintenance. It's not really a plug-and-play feature.

Therefore I wanted to ask the experts how "offroady" I can make a pickup truck look without lifting it? How big tires can I fit without modifications?

In the end of the post I've provided a link to picture of a truck I think looks amazing - has this truck been lifted (I bet)? And if so, how much? Would this level of lifting be possible by simply buying a kit and having it installed at a shop? What size of tires is it equipped with? And is there any other modifications made to it? (apart from the frontbumper and the sidesteps)

Any information would be great, thanks :)

This is the car:
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