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Posts: 1,206're not concerned with offroad capabilities?

There's a HUGE difference between having the offroad capabilities and actually using it.....versus just looking like it.

You do understand - by installing bigger (taller) tires will affect the performance?. It's a gearing thing. The bigger the tires, the more it'll affect performance. If that concerns you - stay with the stock sized tires but go with a more aggressive looking tire. However - aggressive tires (mud terrains) are not the best for daily driving, especially in the rain.

Wider tires might look aggressive - but you'll have concerns with wheel width. You can't put any tire width on any rim.

A mild lift (2" maybe) usually doesn't affect much in terms of performance other than they tend to be a more harsh ride.

There's A LOT to think about and research.

Do some google / forum searching for images of a truck that you like the 'look' of - and ask what their setup is and why they did what they did (so you understand it). Unfortunately, there are no straight answers!
Good Luck!
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