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Originally Posted by Boogie View Post're not concerned with offroad capabilities?

There's a HUGE difference between having the offroad capabilities and actually using it.....versus just looking like it.

You do understand - by installing bigger (taller) tires will affect the performance?. It's a gearing thing. The bigger the tires, the more it'll affect performance. If that concerns you - stay with the stock sized tires but go with a more aggressive looking tire. However - aggressive tires (mud terrains) are not the best for daily driving, especially in the rain.

Wider tires might look aggressive - but you'll have concerns with wheel width. You can't put any tire width on any rim.

A mild lift (2" maybe) usually doesn't affect much in terms of performance other than they tend to be a more harsh ride.

There's A LOT to think about and research.

Do some google / forum searching for images of a truck that you like the 'look' of - and ask what their setup is and why they did what they did (so you understand it). Unfortunately, there are no straight answers!
Good Luck!
Well, uh, I'm not really going for some sandbuggy or something to bounce around on the mountain slopes with - more like a vehicle I can use to drop a boat off a trailer on a beach somewhere, and getting to work when we've gotten 10 inches of snow one morning, or a bad forest road. I do realise I could probably do this with the standard setup aswell - but I think the trucks (much like the picture I linked) looks so **** fine.

I've got a normal 4 door sedan for the regular highway trips, the truck would be more of a "fun/cool thing to own that looks brutal", I'm tired of the lowered asphalt-lickers. Of course, I would like to be able to use it for highway driving aswell - I don't mind a bumpy ride :P But I'm not looking to build a monstertruck. I would like to be able to use it for normal highway driving aswell.

Thanks for the answers! I'll try to do some research - I figured I ought to start at a forum :)

Originally Posted by cart7881 View Post
You really need to get access to 355Nation. Send a message to Blue15ColoradoLT. I think he is a Mod over there also, and might be able to straighten things out. Just click on his name and follow the links.

Regular Cab has two doors and a 6ft (1.8m) bed. The Extended Cab has four doors, the aft doors smaller than the Crew Cab, and a 6ft (1.8m) bed. The Crew Cab has four full doors and a 5ft (1.5m) bed.
Thanks! I'll give that a try :)
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