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Originally Posted by kilogulf59 View Post

.......what would be a good jack for a modern vehicle, i.e. PU-truck, van, or car? I assume the wrenches are still good but the jack behooves me.

Harbor Freight or Lowes/HomeDepot bottle jack will work just fine if you have room for it. Get under the jack point and find out how high you need the minimum specific to your tire and lift combo.

My favorite go to even for my jeep, since the Hi-lift is a bit overkill for a daily driver.

Safe, easy compact and bullet proof. Btw, the stock wrenches are fine but do yourself a favor, buy a $5 tool roll and fill it with the tools you have extras of (crescent, sockets of common size, BFH, BFW), you can thank me when it comes in handy.
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