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Get AAA ......

But seriously - I had a flat in my previous truck that required me to attempt to use the OEM jack. Granted, I'd never got it out to 'test' it prior to this point..... I got it all together and managed to get it up against the frame. Needless to say, it was fine without any pressure - but as soon as there was weight on it, it didn't lift the truck. Go figure..... Ended up calling my husband and had him bring the craftsman hydraulic Jack over. We were pretty close to home, so it was easier and faster than calling AAA.

After we got home, we fiddled with it for a while, it finally held and lifted the truck. But really? So yea..I'd agree with you on the JUNK comment.

If it's local....I'd rather just call the husband (if the Jack doesn't work). Anything outside of the local area - I'd call AAA.

I thought about buying something better, but the amount of time you'll need it, wasn't worth the $$.
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