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Block heater...confusion.

I split this off from a previous thread just to keep it simple and discourage irrelevant posts:

I took my 2007 Colorado LS in this A.M. to have a block heater installed (Kat's 11455). However, the mechanic said he could find no place to install it (threaded freeze plug), as per my diagram (TS01-709). He stated that he looked in the area on the side of the engine, accessible from the driver's side wheel well, with the wheel and the skirting removed. What is going on here? No threaded freeze plug there for my model, or is the mechanic in error?

Here is a link to the heater and the diagram where it should be installed: The Kat's heater is not the same part number, but the Kat's application chart shows it fitting my 2007 4 cyl.

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