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Originally Posted by fredl11 View Post
I just placed an order for an after market HUD that looks like it will work on almost any vehicle.
Company selling is Exotic Vette

Broken or NO Heads Up Display in your Vette?!

Plugs into OBD2 port

Cost is around 110 after taxes and shipping
here are some of the features


Voltage display

Water temp

Distance travelled on current trip

Bar graph of RPMS as well as numerical display of RPMS

Time display

Fuel consumption

Self dimming with ambient light sensor means no messing with brightness

On/Off with the ignition

Scans computer for Check Engine Light codes as well as allows you to reset them

Allows for adjustable alerts on low voltage, high temp, overspeed

Allows adjustment of wheel/tire size so you can get accurate speed display with any tire size (very nice feature)

Comes with a wireless remote you can mount on your console or dash, or keep in your glove box, to change features and adjustments

I should receive soon and will let you know what I think.
Shitty customer service, I emailed them a couple weeks ago through their website and have yet to hear back.

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