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Brake Controllers.. Does more $$ mean better?

Hi Everyone

I'm about to grab an enclosed cargo trailer for my new '16 Colorado. I was originally planning for a sub 3,000 lb GVWR single axle brakeless (it's all I really need). But stumbled upon a steal of a deal that I simply cannot NOT buy. A 14' tandem 7,000lb gvwr electric braked.

It's obviously heavier empty than what I was planning, but that's ok. It's going to be used as "mobile" shed and occasional "help a friend move" type of thing. I'm not going to be hauling it around more than 6 or so times a year.

Anyhow, brake controllers. 10+ years ago I had an old RAM with a controller in it, just a cheap thing. Worked ok the few times I used it on a large camper trailer. Although, when the trailer was empty if I wasn't paying attention it would lock up the trailer wheels at a stop... funny how many people jump when you squeal to a stop at the light. :)

Doing some reading now, and I think I'd like to go for a proportional controller (in case I ever do have it loaded to near capacity). Why is there such a discrepancy in price? It seems they range from ~$90 (CDN) to well over $300. Why would one buy a $300 unit? The ~$100 ones I'm looking at have good warranty, safety features of the others, and can handle up to 3 and 4 axles (they say). What (if anything) makes them better?

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