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Pedal Commander

Well, I just ordered a device from Pedal Commander that hooks up to the accelerator harness to help with what I call, a sometimes dead pedal feel that these fly by wire throttles have. I had my trucks engine and trans computers re-flashed about a month ago and 98% happy with the results but still do not like the lag that I feel when hitting the throttle so I will keep you updated to what happens when it gets here and I install it. Looks like a pretty sweet setup and has nothing to do with the tune of the truck so it does not change the stock tune whatsoever. It works with the throttle circuit only as I understand it. If it does what they claim then I will be really happy with the overall way my truck runs. Right now, this has been only complaint. At 61 years young, I like the idea of plug and play, since I am not any good with the whole tuning thing, tried it but just couldn't get a grasp of it so I went completely back to stock tune and had GM redo both computers and for the most part very happy, I have no shudder with trans and it works as it should.

2016 GMC Canyon All Terrain 4 wheel drive crew cab with 6' bed in Cardinal Red. Mods, Pedal Commander and Elite E-2 catch can.
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