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Originally Posted by Tucker View Post
My salesman told me they can get 10-12 Colorado's in a month and seldom have more than 2 or 3 on the lot at a time. There are 4 Chevy dealers within 35 miles of me and none of them usually have over 3 to 4 Colorado's on the lot. So I doubt there will any bonus cash anytime soon as fast as they seem to be getting them sold.

Nissan probably needs to offer $3500 instead of 1500 to move trucks. And Toyota must be feeling the pressure from GM to offer $500. In my area Toyota dealers have been hard nosed on their prices for years.
Agreed. . .. but there should at least be some "Loyalty $$$" or something regardless of how well they are selling. And Auto Show time was always a traditional way to spur a few more sales before Spring buying season. Nissan, Toyota and others see that.

Dealers around my area vary with the number of vehicles on their lots for Colorado/Canyon. Some have 3 or 4 while others have 15 to 25.

Buyers will look at all choices these days. I would think GM would take notice of that. $750 or $500 for a few weeks Auto Show rebate wouldn't kill them.
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