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Originally Posted by DrewNJ View Post
I'm trying that one too. Ordered it earlier today. Looks like it should work with only some minor tweaks. We'll see. [emoji106]
Originally Posted by Toughsox View Post
Now this is one I wouldnt mind trying....but since you volunteered to go first.
Let us know how it pans out.
Great. . . we can compare options for "tweaking". Based on measurements, the length should be good. When I get it, I'm thinking of maybe some small, thin aluminum angle stock on the edges to extend the lip so it can hang in the top of the console cavity opening.

We'll have to see when it arrives. From the Amazon order, it appears to be shipping from China. . "Arriving Apr 5th to Apr 25th" ? Oh well. I've gotten things faster than what Amazon says, but who knows.

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