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Originally Posted by bradlehman View Post
I'm thinking that my issues may be in the remote start unit itself, but I wanted to ask to see if anyone else has had a similar issue.
I have a Viper remote start installed on my 05 Canyon. It's been installed for 2 years and has worked fine until about a week ago, when it just stopped working. I have found that I can get the starter to take over if the vehicle is already running, but once the engine is shut back off, none of the functions work (lock/unlock/start).
I have had intermittent issues with the passlock not allowing the truck to start with the key and having to wait 10 minutes, but that has been extremely intermittent. That issue is what leads me to believe that it may be the issue rather than the remote starter itself.

Anyone have any advice?
The lock/unlock wont have anything to do with the pass key. Sounds to me like if it all dies together like that it would likely be a bad power or ground to the alarm. Or the alarm itself is bad of course.

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