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Originally Posted by rookie145 View Post
Just signed up today and look forward to learning more about my new 2017 Colorado LT Crew Cab 4x4 3.6L V6. I'm driving to Vegas next month to pick up a boat and tow it 1800 miles. I've attached a pic of the boat and trailer. Will my new truck handle this thing? Boat weighs about 4500lbs and I'm guessing trailer is around 800-1000lbs. I know towing capacity is 7,000 but am I pushing it? Need your opinions. Thank you!
Not sure this link to Bayliner is the same boat, but it shows weight as 5,685 lb.

Here is link to app that has scale locations,

Maybe good idea to have it weighted before you decide if you can tow it or call bayliner and trailer manufacture to see what spec says for weight. Some trailers have placards with trailer weight and gross capacity.
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