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Originally Posted by kaiser67 View Post
Even if the weight is under the 7k max rating, it's not as much as a "Can it do it?" as a "Should you do it?"
If weight is lower than 6500, it could do it but that thing is pretty big and has A LOT of cross section to catch wind. That's a pretty long trip through some windy areas with something like that. Like someone said, if you're not in any hurry it would be better but doing anything close to the max isn't necessarily a good idea even though it technically can do it.

Also the v6 has a built in trans cooler iirc. Forgot if its separate or built into the radiator.
Lot of good points:

- The CAN IT versus SHOULD IT.
- Cross sectional wind.

The transmission cooler is built in to radiator, but I think it is pretty effective on the V6, at least for the 2015/2016 models. Actually, can anyone confirm same on 2017? I asked the question a while back about transmission temps on the 2017 when towing, but never got any good responses.

Once you get the boat "home" to Wisconsin, are you:

1. Going to put it in the water and leave it? (doubt it in Wisconsin.)
2. Pull it out every winter and relaunch every spring?
3. Launch it on a boat ramp or using a crane?
4. Tow it every weekend from home to lake, 10 miles? 50 miles? 150 miles?

If you are going to be launching it off a ramp, towing it every week a fair distance, etc., I would get a bigger truck. If you are just transporting it from Vegas to Wisconsin, I would rent a truck, probably even something heavier duty than that 1/2 ton Silverado that U-Haul offers.

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