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Originally Posted by rookie145 View Post
You guys are rocking the advice...thanks again! One of my biggest reasons for towing it myself is the cost, of course. I looked on Enterprise website and a 1/2 ton truck one way rental was (no kidding) $13,000! I can get a 15ft U-haul truck for about $1200 and not tell them I hauling my own trailer. I'll be honest, this decision is keeping me up at night. I'm getting about half telling me it should be okay as long as I take it easy and not rush things and others say it's not worth the risk at all. I am seeing about getting everything weighed before I make my decision. I will let you guys know what the final weight is when I find out. Again, thank you for all the info and advice. Sweet forum site you have here.
Just noticed you are from Superior we live across the Bay. A good local source of info is Eric at Barkers Island. He likely knows weight of typical trailers and what your boat may weigh. This time of year best to stop in at their boat repair area to talk with him as they are likely getting busy finishing up winter projects and getting ready for spring.

We tow a travel trailer with dry weight of 5245 lb which likely has more wind area than your boat. We have a diesel Canyon but know that someone on this list tows identical travel trailer with a V6. We usually only travel 60mph when towing
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