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Originally Posted by Likely View Post
Request a new battery and be done with it! once the battery is completely dead, you have just shortened the life by at least 50%. don't let anyone tell you any different!!!
I would say the battery was dead before you picked up the vehicle. They just charged it up, and sent you on your way!!!
The dealer will say just charge it up every time to save costs and labor, I know from experience!!! trust me...
This is certainly new information. I've never heard of that. But that doesn't explain why I am having power issues while the vehicle is running. I can't imagine that charging system cannot supply enough power to provide power to every electrical component on the truck and still charge the battery. So that tells me there must be something drawing or draining from the system that in cannot keep up with. What other explanation is there for losing function of various accessories while the truck is moving down the road?
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