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Who still does reliable mail-order tuning??

I have a 2005 Z71 4X4 Crew Cab, 3.5L I5, purchased three years ago. Obviously I'm late to the party but I've slowly been doing upgrades over these three years. Started with the interior: DVD in dash, monitors in the headrests, amp/sub, speakers, LED lighting, LED cluster. Then moved on to the exterior: AR wheels, tires, LED lighting, bully bar, KC lights.

Now it's time to move on to performance. My next goal here soon is new exhaust from the cat back, still debating on removing the cat. Cold air intake, and a tune for starters. I've used CFans and 355nation religiously for information over these three years. However the downside is that most of the information is 5+ years old. I know I know, I showed up late to the party!

So I need to know which options I have for having my PCM tuned after I do the exhaust and CAI. Hard to rely on thread information that's so old. Some of the places I've googled no longer exist. I live near Cincinnati but don't know if anywhere local. So I think mailing in my PCM is my only option.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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