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there are some very generalized statements going on here but yes you really should have a good battery. Yes a truck can run and charge a battery at the same time (usually). Some kind of weird short in a battery could cause it not to run I guess but not very common. It would be more common for this new truck to throw messages at you because of a bad battery I suppose. If you have gone home with your truck and it TWICE now has been dead in the morning and those cheap bastards won't give you a new battery, then check everything else, I would go to a different dealer if possible. This is even a brand new truck right?

Sure have heard a lot of stories about moron techs at dealers on this forum lately. Did you read about the one that put an axle seal in backwards? OMG! In the good old days techs at dealers were highly trained by the factory they work for, I guess that isn't true anymore. I guess training cuts into profits too much right? Sheeesh........

Good luck, sounds like you'll need it.

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