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I just bought a new 2017 GMC Canyon diesel. I drove it home on Saturday and on Monday next time I tried to drive it the battery was dead. I had to jump start to get to the dealer...while on the way several systems were not functioning. It was explained after 3 hours of service that the battery had likely been drawn down very low due to a door or light left on while sitting on the lot. Made since I guess but the the next day I had the same issue. Its been at the dealer every since. I've only drove the BRAND NEW truck back and forth to the dealer twice for repair. Has anyone else experienced electrical issues similar where you experience no start or low voltage while driving? Electric power is so low that cruise, defroster, the DIC display, etc. doesn't work? I'm new to the forum/message boards here and also new to the GMC Canyon. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!
I am not positive but i think the trucks computer will turn things off to save power if there is a problem (like a dead battery or weak alternator). Most likely just a very dead battery in your case. Seams like it would leave the DIC on so it can tell you the battery is low though.....hmmm not sure. I guess i could read the book to find out but I'm too lazy. you too? LOL

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