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Wow, The amount of false information being posted here on this topic is unbelievable.

The battery in your truck does NOT generate power. It is a storage device for power generated elsewhere. All electrical power is normally supplied by the alternator. Some of that generated power will be stored in the battery for later short term use by other truck electrical devices. The main short term battery power user is the starter. Other electrical devices can also used stored battery power on a short term basis, but all of the power used has to be replaced by the charging (alternator) system.

So on your dead battery problem, you have one of three issues.

1. The battery is defective and will not store the power.

2. The charging system is not charging the battery correctly. This is usually low charging voltage caused by an alternator or computer problem.

3. Something in the truck is drawing power when the truck is not running.

As a side note on this one, when I first got my Colorado I had this problem. My BCM was not going to sleep and was drawing excess power while parked. My research found that the GM design point is the system must draw less than 20 ma. (.020 amps) when shut down and the vehicle must be able to start after being parked for 30 days.

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