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Well I'm going to disagree. I once attended an event in Chicago. When I came out to my car in the parking lot at about 10:30 PM I found that someone had stolen my battery. Without the battery I got someone to jump start my car and I drove it home without a battery installed at night. It ran entirely on the alternator in stop and go, and freeway speed traffic. It was about a 50 mile trip that lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Most alternators will put out 20 to 25% of rated capacity at an idle.

While I did it with no side effects, I do not recommend this as the alternator puts out very noisy 14 vdc. This noise is usually filtered by the now missing battery. I would be worried about potential damage to the BCM or ECM/PCM. In my case it was a fairly new car and I knew if it broke I could take it in under warranty after replacing the battery myself. I was also stuck in a neighborhood that I did not want to be stuck in after dark.

2005 White 2wd Z71 WT

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