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That SHITASS(as my dear departed grandmother used to say) Jerry Brown!

California Legislature votes to raise gas taxes, vehicle fees by $5.2 billion a year for road repairs and transit - LA Times
That sonofabitch just raised the tax on diesel fuel ANOTHER 20c/gallon, plus a 12c increase on fuel across the board.
So starting next year we're gonna be paying another fucking THIRTY-TWO-CENTS a gallon on diesel fuel.
Can someone explain HOW the fuck that piece of shit got elected AGAIN as governor?
He TOTALLY shit the bed his first time around back in the '70s, and IIRC some idiotic NoCal city elected him mayor, and he drove that place into the ground, again IIRC, getting himself fired in the process.
And now he's been elected governor for two-consecutive terms!
It's like the idiots in D.C. re-electing Marion Barry, even after he got popped for taking bribes-AND- smoking fricken crack cocaine on CAMERA.
There's never been a greater need for an IQ test to get your voter registration card.
I used to like living in California, but since its conversion to Kalifornistan I'm really starting to dislike it
Hey, I just noticed my original title was edited. I guess it was too F-bomb-ish for even our 'new and improved' free-speech-'o-fied forum..
But 'That Jerry Brown' quite frankly sounds ghey so I changed what I could, but this time I didn't say anything my grandmother wouldn't say

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