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Originally Posted by .boB View Post
He's your elected official! What did you do to get the other guy elected? You folks in CA elect some of the whackiest people.

I live in CA many moons ago (never again!). Back then Senator Hiakawa proposed an additional $2 a gallon fuel tax. He actually said that rich people could afford it. And poor people didn't have cars, and it wouldn't matter to them.
'Wacky' is one thing, but we have a seriously corrupt state government.
There was one state congressman(or whatever the hell they call them) that was constantly going after AR's/AKs etc.
Turns out dude was running guns either to or from the Philippines, which brings me to good 'ole Diane Feinstein( of course from San Francisco)> We all know she's been going after firearms forever, but back in the '90s she Straw-purchased a weapon for her nephew(I wanna say)

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