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Originally Posted by JScottM View Post
Anything will fit with enough fabrication behind it. One thing I miss about my old 07 is the bench seat with fold down center console. If you have that I would re-do it. Just sayin'

There is no 2nd gen with a bench like that is there?
No bench front seat in Gen 2.

Worked in a machine shop with a guy who said as long as he had a torch and a welder, any engine would fit in any vehicle. I am sure he would say the same about the seats. We did spend a bit of time putting those Mercury Marquis power seats in his old Ford pickup.

I am guessing the Gen 2 seats in decent shape even out of a wrecked truck are going to run you at least $1k, knowing what junk yards (oops, excuse me, salvage suppliers) are charging for some mundane parts. Mounting the seats is probably an all day affair if you are good. Run some power, another couple of hours. All to find out whether you like the seats are not.

Go test drive the 2nd Gen for an extended period. The assessment of the seats are all over the place from love to hate, with a general bias toward hate, until the owner sits in a Taco.

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