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I also Agree I'm in the market for some wheels - seems all the big wheel company's seem to be leaning to the Gloss black / Matte black Style Rims..

Very frustrating!!

The new thing in my opinion will be custom painted multi color/Finish Forged Wheels I like but ill be damned I'm spending 1K+ per rim.. Ill leave that to the silver spoon babies...

The lug pattern for the Twins is riddled with massive positive offsets - I love my 2016 Chevy Colorado 2.8LT Duramax but damn the more I look at the stance the more I think it looks like 2x4 rolling down the road.

This is by far the most challenging truck to outfit with custom touches I've owned. - Still bone stock " for now "..

I despise Wheel adapters but I really want my old Fuel Dune D522 Chrome wheels back - super easy to clean and simple good looking wheels..

Personally I hate Black Wheels - they are a PITA to keep Clean and scratch free.. bad enough I got sucked into a BLACK Truck again after I told myself never again. :) "Bangs Head On desk" ..

Fads come and go - Pick what you want and like, who gives a shit what other people think... thats my motto.

Grammar Nazis have at it :) This is a Truck Forum not and College Term Paper !!

Time will tell but everything is on hold - holding out for some more options before I'm pulling the trigger..
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