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Yeah, was never a fan of the all or mostly black theme. And plastidip just screams cheap to me. Now we have Nissan completing this now boring color(?) scheme.

I guess it's ok if you are going for sort of the "Mad Max" sort of look. I know some do it to look bad azz or have a pseudo trashed motif.
To me, it just accelerates the age of the vehicle and starts off making it look old especially if the vehicle isn't taken care of.

Also, if a person is concerned about resale value, there is also the question of how much *black out* will appeal to other buyers. I know. . . I know, not a concern for most who do it.

Also, for those who might remember, it reminds me too much of those in the past who would "black primer" a whole car and have the exhaust system hanging loose along with other "artifacts".

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