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Use Android Auto and cannot use phone

I am in the process of getting a 2017 Canyon. Have been doing a little research on the AA ap and the MyLink system in anticipation of updating my phone. The old one was an LG phone that was not compatible (Android version 4.2) with AA, the new one is: Samsung Galaxy J3 (Android version 6-something).

Anyway, in my research I have learned that if one uses AA (for instance, to use Google Maps or Pandora with the MyLink system), one cannot dial or receive phone calls. I had earlier planned to stream Pandora on the new truck and just let the Sirius trail run out. I have my own Garmin GPS that I will use whenever I travel, even with GM's nav system installed in my truck. Not being able use the phone if using AA is not a deal breaker for me at all, but I was surprised that I had not read that anywhere before. So I thought I'd post that here in case anyone else is doing research on how this all works.

So, if folks are intending to not get the truck's Navigation option, but instead use Google Maps through their phone/MyLink system, you will not be able to also make/receive calls while doing that. Same restriction if planning to use Pandora (etc) - cannot use the phone. If I somehow am putting out incorrect info, someone PLEASE correct me!

BTW, anyone new to the Sirius game needs to do research......a post-trail subscription can be had for much less than the advertised rate, you just have to negotiate with them. On my wife's car we are paying $100 a year.....but it took about 6 months without a subscription until Sirius came around. With the truck I will call and tell them I'll take the same price once my trail runs out, or we can play the silly game of letting the trail run out, they send me offers, I ignore them until they finally make me a deal I cannot refuse. <g>

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