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Originally Posted by CaryBosse View Post
I assume this was not on the 2015 models, because I have never heard of it.

This is something the auto insurance guys advertise. Flo at Progressive has her Snapshot, guess it plugs in to where you plug the scanners for Check Engine Light analysis.

I prefer for my insurance company to not know how many miles I drive a year: If they knew, they would raise my rates on that alone, much less any hard acceleration or braking, hard turns, number of times the Stabilitrak, ABS, or even the Collision Avoidance were engaged. Heck, last night I got the Collision Alert alarm again for a shadow cast by an overhead highway sign.

Can you imagine the system reporting:

1. You drove 50 miles yesterday in the DFW area.
2. You were driving 65 MPH in a metropolitan area (freeway) for 40 miles of the 50 miles driven.
3. During this time, your Collision Alert was on green for 25 miles, yellow for 14.8 miles, and red for 0.2 miles. (The other 10 miles, you were driving below 25 MPH so the system could not tattle to us about your driving habits.)
4. The system could not tell us that this was rush hour traffic, everyone was driving at 65 MPH, with less than 2 car lengths between cars, because if you give them 3 car lengths, someone will cut you off and that yellow warning would go to red constantly.

No thanks.
I did the Progressive snapshot thing. You're right about it being hard to keep the score up in heavy traffic. I still got a discount so it was worth doing, but the discount would have been bigger without all the hard stops that come with heavy rush hour traffic. I guess that's the point though; driving in heavy traffic = higher accident risk = smaller discount.

The main difference is the Progressive snapshot is temporary and voluntary, while Onstar is built into every vehicle. On a personal note, I don't like all of this extra surveillance, but I don't see it as something worth fighting. You can't stop progress and it's only going to get more intrusive as time goes on.

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