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Originally Posted by wildwest450 View Post
Any else notice this? At steady speeds, the tach needle steadily moves up and down a little bit, the speedo does it, but it doesn't jump as far.

It seems like a nit pick, but it's getting to the point where it seems like some one is waving an orange flag at me while im driving.

90% of my driving is at night, so it may make it seem worse with the back lighting.

I know this thread is an older one but I just searched and found it. I bought a Canyon just last month. It's been in for service 3 times the first 500 miles. The problem was finally determined that the module in the dash was bad for the DIC. The entire instrument cluster was replaced with a new one. I didn't get to drive the truck much the first 3 weeks due the vehicle being in the shop more than it was in my possession. Now that I have drove the the truck a few times I have noticed the same exact thing with mine. Speed and tach flutters just a little. This is still a new truck with approx 800 miles. Did you have any resolution with this issue of was it determined to be "normal"?
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