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Thanks for this input. And. . . it does make sense including how it would take abut two tankfuls to see improved results.

From what you say, it does make sense that the ECM is trying so hard to maintain a lean mixture that at low RPMs it causes the engine to slightly lug and causes predetonation and the ECM then tries to correct it.

I am also wondering if a good quality real time OBD II scanner might be able to log and see what the knock sensor input to the ECM is at the "chuggle" point and also if spark is then going to retard?

Just a thought. I am wondering also, if the "chuggle" is more predominant in locations where altitude is different? It would be interesting to maybe start a poll and have owners post if they are in higher or lower altitudes. The amount of oxygen the ECM sees also may affect chuggle.

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