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Fuel quality seems like a plausible factor in the exacerbation of the chuggle issue. It would be interesting to see if owners at higher elevations have less problems with this issue, as the thinner air at higher elevation reduces power, but it also reduces octane requirement for naturally aspirated engines. Most cars and even my liter class sport motorcycle, run happily on the basic 85 octane gas here in thin air land Denver.

I have a diesel, so it is the same 6 speed tranny and completely different engine. It does hold onto 1500 rpm in 6th gear a little more than I would like, but the diesel deals with that and a slight increase in throttle move it off that zone with a downshift, and it seems to be getting better with mileage - my truck only has 1300 miles on it. My driving style is a little "jackrabbity" dipping into the pedal and getting to cruising speed fairly quickly, so maybe it is "learning" to deal with my semi leadfoot ways.

I could see any gas engine struggling if the trans kept it at 1500 rpm with any kind of a load on it. I have to try to make it do it, but even my Toyota Camry can be made to chuggle if the gas pedal is carefully manipulated in the right way - but you really have to almost want to make it do it. That car releases the higher gears very easily when confronted with a hill or more gas pedal.

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