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The chuggle problem is real. Switching to high octane helped a lot for me (Im at sea level), but the issue still shows up randomly, mostly with highway traffic (not day to day traffic light traffic). I dont know why. I wish GM would investigate the issue and release a statement or if they refuse to, then be forced to do so through the courts.

Im more pissed about higher fuel costs through premium fuel vs the chuggle honestly. I feel consumers should have been told that the truck does NOT function as advertised without premium fuel and that the true MPG or $/mile comparables between other trucks are not what they seem...............

I dont spend that much time on the highway. Perhaps if I had a big highway commute it would be a different story. I will start doing a lot of highway driving this summer and will report back.

2016 Chevy Colorado Z71 3.6L V6 4WD Crew Cab Short Box

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