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I recall what you all call a chuggle on my truck a few times I guess. I think it is VERY simple, the trans likes staying in a high gear and likes to keep the torque converter locked up. There is no doubt in my mind that this is NORMAL being it was designed to do this. Also there is no doubt in my mind it is programmed to do this for increased MPG. I know some will say it's not "normal" because it's annoying, but still. Think of it this way, it's like driving a manual trans in like 4th gear at 20mph, it does the same thing. I understand for some it is worse than others for many reasons I would guess. Your driving style, type of fuel, quality of fuel, temp of air, elevation, going up hill, shoot even amount of air in the tires could change it! I think it is as close to not being a problem as it is being a problem, right on the borderline. What really, truly stumps me is why many, many people don't like to push the gas pedal. Don't believe me do you? Just go read the pedal commander thread and think about it and you might understand. I guess its possible that my truck is so very special and more powerful than the others that the Pedal Commander was useless and any little "chuggle" doesn't bother me, but I really doubt it. I really think you just need to get used to it and push the pedal accordingly (or let off a little). If you find it chuggling and you aren't wanting to accelerate, let of the gas a slight bit. I find myself looking at the tachometer a lot out of curiosity, and it sits at about 1300 most of its life. I think I might be treating it like a manual trans at those super low rpm times, maybe that works for me, does that make sense? I'm sure this post will probably offend some PC users but I don't want to do that, just want to post what I believe is the "problem". Maybe it will help someone enjoy their great truck. I think the twins are great trucks, I love mine anyway. (even if it likes 1300 RPM) :)
What do ya think?

p.s. I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time), I wish I knew someone with a horribly chugging twin to test drive, but I don't. Also, it isn't easy trying to fix a "problem" that GM designed into the truck, it's like a dog chasing its tail.
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