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I understand why people are saying "just push the gas pedal farther". I can only speak to my experience so far. I live in a suburban area in Southern California with lots of large intersections. When turning left it was quite common for my truck to shift into 3rd or 4th by the time the turn was complete. Feeding more throttle in smoothly would result in chuggle and no downshift. Feeding throttle in quickly would result in a delay followed by a downshift to first or second gear. This is not how I want my transmission to behave. When I feed constant throttle I expect the ECU and TCU to determine the best gear for the speed that I am going. This does not happen on my truck. I could trick it into shifting by taking my foot all the way off the gas and immediately getting back on the gas. This would result in a fairly consistent single downshift instead of a downshifting more than one gear. I could also drive around in tow mode and it was much more predictable with shifts and tended to hold each gear a little longer. Of course, shifting manually was an option and worked very well but I grew tired of that. This truck is obviously programmed to stay in as high of a gear as possible. I don't like it and simply re-programming my foot resulted in abrupt downshifts of more than one gear. With the PC I can feed the throttle smoothly and gradually and get single downshifts as needed without thinking about it. For those of you that say you are confused or you just don't get it all I can say is that I (we) are not making this stuff up. This is how our trucks behave. If you were to drive our trucks in our neighborhoods you would experience the same exact things. I guarantee it. After driving with my PC for a week I tried disconnecting it to see if the OEM programming was as bad as I remember. After about two minutes I had to hook it back up. The OEM programming just isn't a good fit for me. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.

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