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I used a handsaw that uses a sawzall blade. Held the extinguisher between my knees while I TRIED to cut along a pencil mark I had made, then I used a couple files to round the edges and take off any burrs.
I thought about removing the handle but it's riveted on with a long rivet.
Also thought about putting the extinguisher in a vice but I didn't wanna risk scratching it up even if I wrapped a towel around it.
In one of the pics you can see one spot where I slipped with the saw trying to get started but I'm happy with it.

That's what a cooler's for!

As far as irreparable damage to my truck, I'm not saying I'd let it burn, at least I'm not documenting it here in print, but depending on what's burning, I may be able to stop the fire before it does that kind of damage.
I have had a number of times at work where people were trapped and while someone worked on breaking a window and getting them out, including a child strapped in a carseat, I worked on trying to slow the fire with an extinguisher.
Not sure if I actually made it possible to save the kid but it sure feels good to be able to do something.
You never know 'til you need one, and if you don't have one, it's too late.
They're also great for breaking windows in an emergency AND they make a good weapon in an unfair situation......
Besides, the ABC is good for more than just a car fire.

If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is!

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