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Originally Posted by David D. Brown View Post
I used AA every day. I totally love it in my 2016 Colorado. You can use the phone for both receiving and placing calls. To answer an incoming call press the answer button on the right side of the steering wheel. To place a call, you have two options. If you wish to use mylink to call press the call button and release without holding. This will bring up mylink voice prompts to call. You might say something like "call wife mobile" and it will dial.

The other option to dial is to use AA. That requires a long press on the call button. The normal google chime and then say something like "call wife mobile" and it will use AA to dial the number. I choose to use AA because I can also send a text message. Long hold "send text message to wife mobile". it will then ask what you want to send. "heading home" it will repeat and ask if you wish to send or change. "send it" and it is sent.

Hope this helps.
I use mine all the time too and actually the reason I bought another truck with it when the first was totaled.

You don't even need to push the button anymore to prompt AA. With AA connected and running just say "ok google". It will beep and you say what you want to do.[emoji106]

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