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I'm pretty happy with the mileage I have been getting. I average around 20 in mixed driving. I only expect it to improve as the engine breaks in more. I have just over 2000 miles on the truck. I only use 87 octane tho, anything more without a tune, isn't worth it IMHO. I use almost exclusively Shell gasoline though. And here in Illinois its usually 10-15% ethanol.

All my 25, 50 and 450 mile averages are right around 20 mpg. My 25 and 50 mile average will shoot up once in a while when I go on a longer trip. But my 450 stays solid around 20mpg. My best for the 25 mile screen is around 29 mpg, by 50 mile best is around 25 mpg, and my 450 best is around 22 mpg.

I do find that my hand calculated mileage is about 1 mpg lower than the DIC shows. I reset the trip meter with every tanks and calculate my mileage using Fuely for each tank. Not a big deal being off by 1 mpg though, every car I've had with DIC has been off slightly.

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