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1.25" spacers work with Z71 wheels and no lift?

Originally Posted by Turns31 View Post
I've looked through like 8 different spacer threads on here and can't find a definitive answer. Really want to get the tires flush without trimming the studs and avoiding rubbing.

Z71 wheels have indents where the studs would poke through almost as if made with spacers in mind lol.

If you're looking for flush, 1.5 is the better size if you have factory flares. Mine has flares and 2" spacers and the tread is just inside the flares with just the sidewalk bulge poking a hair outside the flares. If you don't have flares, 1.25 should work for you.

Here's mine with only a 1.25 level and 2" spacers no rub at all. Can't see them rubbing at stock height either.

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