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I just found this post and though I only scanned the majority of the post, I found it quite interesting. I saw a lot of references to how full sized trucks have grown into battle ships and how hard they are to maneuver when parking. I know small trucks have ballooned over the years as well, and this got me to thinking about how much trucks have grown, and this wasn't really covered in a previous post. After all, the reason most of us went with a Colarado or Canyon was size! I know one of the main criteria when I was shopping for my new truck was that it fit in my garage!

So, my curiosity led me to do some research on full sized GM extended cab pickups, and compare their dimensions over the years. My first truck was a 1969 Chevy C-10, short bed. I couldn't find much, but did find that the overall length of the truck that year ranged from 188.5" (short bed I had) to 207.75" (long bed). The next generation which included the 1987 model grew to between 191.5" for the short bed to 211.8" for the long bed, which brings me to the 2016 Colorado Ext Cab, which measures in at 212.7"!

Now, let's jump back to 2000, which seems to be as far back as Edmonds maintains vehicle specs:

Chevrolet Silverado:
2000: L - 227.5", W - 78.5", H - 71.2", MPG - 14/19
2005: L - 230.2", W - 78.5", H - 71.2", MPG - 16/20
2007: L - 229.9", W - 79.9", H - 73.9", MPG - 17/21
2016: L - 230", W - 80", H - 73.9", MPG - 18/24

Chevrolet Colorado:
2016: L - 212.7", W - 74.3", H -70.4", MPG - 19/27

So, as we can see, today's "small" truck has grown larger than the early 60's, 70's, and even 80's model of the full sized Chevy truck! While I don't have gas mileage for the older models, I'd did find it interesting that as the size of the full sized trucks grew, the gas mileage improved. But more importantly, the dimensions of the Colorado are right back to where GM started with its main stream full sized pickups! So, the next time you're asked why you didn't just buy a full sized truck, you can honest say you did buy a full sized circa 1987 pickup truck!

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I wonder if your co worker knows about the upcoming Mercedes Benz GLT which might come to North America. If you haven't heard of it, it sounds like it will have similar specs to our GM trucks including four cylinder diesels. Ask him if that's practical.
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I can't imagine there is hardly any difference in the cost to manufacture a Silverado versus a Colorado. The Silverado gets a little more metal but assembly is all about the same. The Silverado therefore has a higher margin that creates more flexibility for large discounts. Just like others have said...get what you want. The one you want is the best value for you.

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"Why did you buy this? Why didn't you buy something else? You should have bought this other vehicle."

Maybe you should pay for it for me then. Oh, don't want to do that? Then shut your mouth and let me buy what I want to buy.
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I could give a rats arse what anyone thinks! I'm fortunate to live in a country where there is still (some) freedom of choice!
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Honestly, if fuel prices been $5 a gallon, I would not have purchesed a truck. I do not tow or haul often and it would be be far cheaper renting when I need a hauler.

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Years back, I had a co-worker comment on how small my S-10 looked next to the contractors truck, which was probably a 2500 or 3500 beast. I looked out the window and said, "Yup, it is smaller than his truck but bigger than yours" and walked away.

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Originally Posted by and_steve View Post
"Why did you buy this? Why didn't you buy something else? You should have bought this other vehicle."

Maybe you should pay for it for me then. Oh, don't want to do that? Then shut your mouth and let me buy what I want to buy.
My thoughts exactly. When you are paying for it, you get to make decision. When I am paying for it, I make decisions.

Originally Posted by CFI View Post
Honestly, if fuel prices been $5 a gallon, I would not have purchased a truck. I do not tow or haul often and it would be be far cheaper renting when I need a hauler.
I would not have purchased a camper without this truck, so I guess I should consider this truck has causing additional expenses. However, I look at the truck and only see it as being a positive. I was never going to fit comfortably in one of those 40 MPG vehicles. I need to be able to occasionally haul 4-5 people comfortably. I was tired of taking the rear seat out of the Wrangler to haul stuff, often times stuff that should never have been loaded in the interior of a vehicle to begin with. I also find I need to haul items to large for my Wrangler.

It all depends on your lifestyle, for me, I probably use the bed of my truck for personal needs at least once per week. I needed a new vehicle with certain characteristics: Quieter than the Wrangler, 4 door, haul 4-5 people, Bluetooth capable, easy to handle in downtown Fort Worth parking, decent fuel economy. I knew I was buying a new vehicle. It was really a matter of what it would be, and almost anything I looked at that would fit my large rear end was going to be in the $30K range.

So, I get a truck. Oh, sure, maybe I could get a FS truck, but a FS truck would not check off all my needs.

One of the things I always get a kick out of are the comparisons made to cars. Comments like I can get a car for the same price as your truck, but it has all of these fancy/smancy options like keyless start, cooled seats, heated steering wheel, etc.

OK, my truck doesn't so all of those things. But when was the last time you hauled 1,000 pounds of mulch home from Home Depot in your car? How many trips will it take for you to get that mulch home? Me, I will do it in one trip. How do you get the 8 foot long lumber home from Lowes? Is that back seat passenger really all that comfortable in your pregnant roller skate of a car?

My truck is much more versatile than any car, able to handle most car duties, most SUV duties, and duties only handled by a truck.

2015 Canyon SLT, Copper Red, 2WD, CC, SB, V6, Tow, blk leather, factory spray liner, safety pkg, generic roll up bed cover.
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27k nearly loaded 4door, 4cyl Colorado. Does everything I need. Why spend 5 to 10k more. If you need the bigger truck get it.
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Originally Posted by 404 Not Found View Post
I wonder if your co worker knows about the upcoming Mercedes Benz GLT which might come to North America. If you haven't heard of it, it sounds like it will have similar specs to our GM trucks including four cylinder diesels. Ask him if that's practical.
He saw the truck yesterday and did a complete about-face. He thought I was talking about getting something huge like a full sized Sierra/Silverado. His first reaction when he saw it was "WOW! That's a lot smaller than I thought it would be!".

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I have a SB Z71 ltz crew cab Silverado that will haul my family of four in comfort, wife has a Trailblazer. Ordered a new Colorado diesel, its the perfect gap filler truck for my needs. I'll keep the Silverado for the kid to drive locally, and the Silverado will definitely get the call when we are all going somewhere together (rarer as the kids age lol). I'll stack the miles on the Colorado, and probably do most of the towing of my Ranger 1860VS fishing boat with it as well. Looking forward to wheeling a smaller ride through the city. :)
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Originally Posted by ryanzonder View Post
This is just an outrageous statement that I doubt very much, I mean c'mon a F550 vs. a Colorado? Ask him for parking lessons.

I do have a 2016 though, so maybe it's THAT much different to park than to '07.
I have an F550 at the shop. They have an incredibly small turning radius for the size of the vehicle. They can do so because they have a straight front axle, and the kingpins will pivot darn near 85 degrees. Thing parks like a Hilo.
Eats tires like an old Ford Twin I beam.
You older guys know what I mean......
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Thumbs down People are judgy..i do what I wanna

Originally Posted by saytanicmechanic View Post
Kind of a fun story here. One of my co-workers is giving me grief because I'm looking to buy a Canyon. Not because it's a mid-sized truck; no, it's because I'm buying a truck in the first place.

As he put it, a truck is an impractical vehicle for me. Granted, yes, I won't be towing a boat with it, and it will be my daily driver to commute to work. However why I'm going with the Canyon specifically is because it's a major step up from what I'm driving now, it's more future proof, and being that it's a truck it's the pinnacle of being a practical vehicle when you think about it.

That and I just really like the thing! :)

I'm not just thinking of my immediate needs; I'm thinking about what I need now and may need out of my vehicle in the next ten years. I plan on buying a home in the next ten years. I plan on doing things like hauling wood for projects I currently do (and which has taken a toll on my current vehicle). I don't want to keep cleaning dirt from the cargo area from transporting my bicycles (with a truck, just throw it in the bed). I want to go camping and not have to worry about a cooler ruining my interior (the third row seat in my Outlander got ruined from a leaking cooler when I went camping once). Any of you have any idea how much work it is to get the smell of spoiled food out of your car? I do! :/

I tried explaining this to him but I gave up; mostly because I don't feel like I should have to explain myself anyways. I'm the one paying the bill so I'm going to get what I want. :P There is one other reason why I gave up on him though; he just doesn't "get" it to begin with.

To put it simply his idea of a "practical" vehicle is a Mercedes Benz. No i'm not kidding! He owns several and tries to convert everyone that'll listen to the church of Mercedes. :D
At least you don't get asked "is this your husband's truck?"
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Odd... considering it's really the baby of American trucks... I have a love hate with mine, love the styling, but my next one will be a 2500HD Duramax.
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For me I wanted a truck I could fit my wife and 3 dogs in. That could tow when I need it too. I live in a congested area, I commute 45 miles one way to work. I own a townhouse so it's not like I need to haul 10 tons of stuff all the time. My driveway is small and I had one car hit by a neighbor with an F150. Our street is too narrow by 4 feet so pulling a full sized in and out of the driveway is royal PITA. I didn't need a truck I wanted a truck because I missed having a truck as I a truck from the time I was 16 till I was 21 when I went active duty in the Army. I had to sell my 72 F250 Loved that truck and would buy one today if I could get one for a reasonable price. I looked at all the full size trucks and while they are nice and roomy they are just too big for what I use my truck for. My Colorado tows my camper just fine it hauls dirt and mulch just fine. I also drove the colorado and the Taco. I didn't like the Taco for the maine reason that the seating position didn't feel good with me. Plus there is ZERO reason for a brand new "Fully revamped" truck to have drum brakes on it. None whatsoever nothing anyone can say will change my opinion.
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GM is selling as many Colorados as they can make, with the factory running around the clock, so I don't think the price can be considered too high from a business standpoint. From a consumer standpoint, we'd all like to get a better price, but I don't think the comparison to the Silverado means anything. Some people need a full-sized truck so that's what they'll buy. People who don't need one might not want one at any price. I never compared prices with the Silverado when I bought my Colorado because the Colorado is what I wanted. I would have bought it if the prices were equal.
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Originally Posted by mistaake View Post
Note: When I refer to Colorado in this post I am referring to both the Colorado and the Canyon. You get the point :)

The new Colorado is a fantastic truck. It's an improvement over the old Colorado in every way. Except there is one problem - it's too expensive.

Comparing a base model 4x4 WT crew cab, the Silverado is only about $6,000 more:

Comparing a Z71 4x4 crew cab, the Silverado is only about $3,000 more:

And the fuel economy is very similar between the 3.6L V6 Colorado and the 4.3L V6 Silverado.

The Silverado makes more sense when towing. The Colorado 3.6L V6 has better tow capacity in some configurations than the Silverado only if the Silverado is outfitted with base 4.3L V6 3.23 gear ratio. With a 3.42 the Silverado rises above in towing capacity.

All of these things would be fine if the Colorado was noticeably cheaper than the Silverado. Sure, it is a little bit cheaper, but if you can shell out more than $30K for a truck you can spend ever so slightly more. Also, the Silverado probably holds its value better.

It's also builds on the many years of experience GM has with it's full-size trucks in terms of legendary quality and longevity. The Colorado is an all-new platform.

As far as the Duramax Colorado, yes, there is no comparison. There is no Silverado 1500 with a diesel - you'd have to step up to a 2500HD to get the 6.6L V8 Duramax diesel engine. But the Dodge Ram EcoDiesel 1500 is always an option. I hate Chrysler, Dodge trucks have historically had inferior interiors and unreliable transmissions, but I think that is the case less and less these days. Would I buy one? No... if somebody gave me a Ram EcoDiesel I'd trade it in for a used Duramax-powered Silverado 2500HD, but my point is there are options now.

If the 2nd-gen Colorado had come out in 2013 at a lower price point, they would be all over the place by now. But I think it's too expensive, too late.

If you're reading this and you're considering a 2nd-gen Colorado, go ahead, get it - it's a great little truck that's more modern than the outdated Tacoma and hopefully turns out to be as reliable. But just think carefully about whether a Silverado would work for you because it's a bigger, better truck for just a little bit more money and just a bit less MPG.
I generally agree, but there are a couple of other factors:

1.) They took the extended cab Silverado option away, it's either the base-model WT cab truck, or the double-cab, or the crew cab. I really wanted/needed the extended cab for "fit-in-the-garage" reasons. My Armada (previous battle-wagon) sat outside its entire life, I wanted to keep the truck in the garage and out of the Sacramento 110 degree summers.

2.) I really get much better than the 20 mpg on my freeway commute... I do 20 in stop & go with the V6 / Crew Cab / Z71. I average around 23.5 on cruising @ about 72 with 10-ply Michelin LTX AT2 Tires (double the weight of the shitty-little GY Wranglers).

3.) It doesn't tow as well as my Armada, but I was really sick of the $100 gas fill-ups in the Armada and at 12 mpg, they came around pretty often. But I do tow the 6,000 lb 26' Kodiak with it and it actually gets about 14 mpg doing it (up & down the western mountain ranges).

I didn't think the half-ton would necessarily make a big difference, and to be honest, I don't think it does - I got rid of the GY Wranglers and put on some meaty 10-ply LT tires and the stability was "instantly" there when towing. The wobblies in the back where the cheap tires, not the truck necessarily.

Realistically, it's as strong or stronger than my old 93 SS-350 Silverado was and just about the same size as it. Will I buy another Colorado? no, I'll pony up the big bucks for the 3/4 Silverado HD / Duramax or the GMC 2500 Denali that I'm looking at. For my purposes, with a 40 mile round-trip daily commute, I really can't stay in the gas-world with the full size.
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