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Originally Posted by yorkiemiki View Post
Does anyone have the newer Bak MX4 bakflip? I think it looks like it is made with better build but I'm not sure? Anyone have first hand experience or pics
I installed the MX4, super easy install, no issues. Just finished a 5k road trip from so cal to where it rains ( spent a whole day driving through the rain). Just a few drips by the tailgate no water any where else. Love the fact that you can close the gate without lifting the cover. I got mine for just over $800.
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Hmmm... I just bought a Bak flip kit from 4 wheel online and so far no encountered problem at all with the kit.

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I just had mine installed yesterday from a local store.... I haven't noticed any fit issues. I love the look of it though
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Originally Posted by Spiren View Post
I recently purchased a Bak Flip HD with Bak Box for my 2015 Chevy Colorado. Do not purchase a single product from this company. They are the worst to deal with. There customer service is horrifying and there products are terrible.

I purchase a Bak HD cover for my new Colorado with a bak box, it took 3 weeks to arrive. Once it arrived... I installed it that night. The instruction are not very good and it took me 1-2 hours to install. I took my time because I didn't want to mess up my new truck, of course. When I was finished, I noticed that the cover was 1 inch to short!. thinking I just installed it wrong I adjusted it to flush up with the tailgate which left a large gap at the front of the bed. It was late so I went to bed, then work the next day. when I got home... I went to take another look at the cove and noticed the seals had baked off in the sun! I though to myself, its time to make a phone call. I called up there customer service and got some sarcastic guy who made me feel like I was a bother. I told him my concerns with the gap at the front of the bed which he ignored my question completely and went on to tell me to contact another guy in the company through email to send me new seals to install myself. I was not happy with this answer and how I was treated. so I took a few pictures and sent a email to this other guy in the company that the customer service guy gave me... and heard nothing. I was very concerned to say the least, so I pulled up my invoice to discover that even though I ordered directly through the companies website, Bak had a distributers fulfill the order. Luckily there customer service was much better but it took a month just to return the cover. however they would not give me 100% of my money back unless I ordered another cover. Which I did not. instead I found running boards I liked. Which I am still waiting for...

In summary
The Bak covers are junk and beware, they feel cheap they leak badly and are engineered terribly. I didn't event try to install the bak box because the water rivered into the front of the truck bed right where the box would have been. It would have soaked all the contents. The company does not listen to its customers when theres a problem. in order to have gotten my money back they required me to get a statement from GM saying that there bed is 1 inch longer. Which is just BS when its public knowledge, also if I just don't like a product can't I just return it?

I don't ever write bad reviews but this was just to much and I didn't what somebody else to get caught up in this crap. STAY FAR WAY FROM BAK Industries!!!

I bought and installed mine from an authorized dealer due to time constrains. Buying online Vs distributor install was not that much more anyway. We are very happy with it. Not 100% leak proof. On a nasty storm a very small drip developed, nothing to really worry about. Our suitcases were dry and secure.
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Don't a Bak tonneau but I know some guys who have this cover and haven't heard any complaints from them. is offline  
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I was leaning towards a Bakflip G2 or VP due to ease of install and the low profile look, but then I saw this video, Granted, it is by the Fold-A-Cover guy, but at the end where he basically "slim jims" his way into the cover... I don't plan on keeping anything super valuable in the bed, but to know its that easy to break is a definite CON. Even the cheaper clamp style tri-folds have better security.
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Any cover can be easily broken into and would not resist a pry bar commonly used by amateur thieves to open your homes front door. No need for a coat hanger and fiddling around to snag the dangling wire. If I was concerned about that I would simply install a small piece of Plexiglas held in place by a couple of screws that would still allow access to the wire but would deflect a coat hanger. Enough to frustrate a thief but again a pry bar would crack the lid open on any cover.
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I know I previously posted with some concerns based on all the complaints about fitment, but nothing else out there really grabbed my attention. I watched the video on YouTube from SEMA '15 about the MX4 cover release. THIS one really caught my eye. It doesnt look so "generic" having a much smoother (almost non existent texture) and the color is as close as possible, if not dead on to the bed caps. Once I got the word it finally released, I pulled the trigger and ordered one. Had it by the end of the week, test fit in less than 5 minutes and fully installed in under 30 minutes. I had two of the G2 series on my 1st Gens and never had issues with them other than getting a "chauky" look after about 6 years. Never leaked, fit great. Im really not understanding where all the complaints are coming from. 1-2 hours to install? SERIOUSLY??? The instructions are cut and dry telling you what tools you need and where to place the 3 clamps down each side. So why say the instructions suck? Customer service sucks? I had no problem when I talked to them about my last G2 getting dull looking. Guy was very polite that I talked to and explained that wax is the enemy of these covers, that if I was taking it through an auto wash and getting the best offered, thats why it got that look. Told me to use a wax stripper, wash by hand with hot soapy water, let dry and repeat if necessary til the dull look was gone. Then referred using either 303 cleaner or another silicone free cleaner of my choice to keep it looking good. Well guess what.......he was right and it worked. So all in all.......3 covers now over the years from them. Not a single fitment issue. Never had a leak (unless caught in an all out downpour). And an awesome experience with customer service that allowed me to restore the look of my dulled down cover to just like new. Personally, I back these covers and would buy again or recommend to others.
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I purchased a BAKFlip VP in February for my Canyon short box. Fits the bed well and I like the sleekness and the vinyl skin that makes it look like one piece when closed. However some of the seals have come unglued. Or more like un-taped because it appears the rubber edge seals are simply stuck to the metal edging with double sided sticky tape. I emailed BAKFlip directly at with the pictures I've attached to this post. They didn't really acknowledge me as a person, a representative emailed another representative and copied me on the email telling them to mail me a flap seal repair kit. I guess for $750, I first off wouldn't expect the thing to be falling apart already, and second, would have been nice to get a quick greeting from the representative and explain what's being sent to me and how I will now need to fix my own cover. It's still under the 1 year warranty. I guess I'll see what they mail me. I'm guessing it will be a roll of double sided sticky tape...
If anyone else is having this issue, I can reply once the seal repair kit arrives.
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I got the flap seal repair kit I referenced in my last post. Basically a new seal with pre-applied double sided tape. I followed the directions which told me to remove the old seal, remove any remaining adhesive from the metal edge, wipe it down with the provided alcohol pad, scuff the surface with the provided scrubby pad, apply 3M adhesive primer, wait 5 minutes, and then stick the new flap seal on. All seems fine for now. I don't like that the directions explained that the kit came with 2 flap seals, and to save the second seal for future use. Does this mean they simply expect their product to fail?
Again, for $750, I would expect a perfect product, and a smile/apology from customer service when I contacted them with the failure.
Hopefully my repair stays in place and I don't need to mess with it again.
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I like the looks of the trifolds better than standard roll-up but Christ BAK stuff is expensive!
Imo I don't see the benefits of a $700+ cover. **** you could buy a few roll-up or other covers for the same price.

After hearing stuff about the customer service even less interested.

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Question Question on MX4 Install

I put the rails on for my Bakflip MX4 tonight and used the angle shims as they are required for this truck. My cover came with 2 sizes of these shims. I used the larger ones b/c that was the size needed to fill the gap between the factory bed cap and truck rail. This got the Bak rails square with the truck. Perfect....except, the clamps don't seem to be wide enough for this gap. They close sort of like a "V" because the thickness is too much for this size clamp. A "V" exadurates the issue a bit but I would expect both sides of the clamp to be parallel. It may be okay but doesn't look right to me. I watched the Silverado install online and they are parallel but no shims required for the full size trucks. It seems like my clamps are for them and not the Colorado. Anyone else notice this? Any videos or pics showing the clamps on-line? Crazy - 5 min. before I noticed this I was happy with how easy to install. Thanks.
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How did you end up with the MX4 and the shims? I just installed one tonight on my 2017 Colorado and didn't use any shims at all and it seems to fit perfect.
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Originally Posted by Blackda View Post
How did you end up with the MX4 and the shims? I just installed one tonight on my 2017 Colorado and didn't use any shims at all and it seems to fit perfect.
I used the shims and left it. Found other install pics with similar looking clamps. Put the cover on and it works fine. The rails may have been bent a bit but not sure. I like this cover. It leaks a bit but that could be due to the rail issue. It got cold here and I haven't messed with it since the install. I'll be putting one on a friends '17 Colorado when it comes in this Spring so I'll see if it's the same.

I do remember that I wouldn't have had the clamp issue if I hadn't used the shims. But I think the rails would have angled in a bit towards the center of the bed. Maybe the gap between the bed cap and truck rails are different on some trucks since it's not visible. I dunno - I just remember the instructions saying the included shims were needed on my truck. So I used them.

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I had a similar issue as the OP had. For my long box I think the MX4 cover is an inch too short. For those who want to see some photos check out BakFlip Vp Cover

The cover is well made and I was able to get it to seal correctly but there's no doubt it could be a little longer.

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