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Colorado won't start

So my Colorado won't start. When I try to start it, all the lights, radio, AC fan turn on and work and don't dim. I replaced the battery anyway, but it still doesn't start. I tried starting and leaving the key to the on position for 10 minutes then attempted to start it again and still nothing (a mechanic told me this will sometimes reset it if it's a security/anti theft problem). Before having it towed, I was going to bang on the starter, but I couldn't find it when I climbed under the truck. Can anyone tell me where exactly it is and how to locate it on the 2005 4wd 5 cylinder? Also any other ideas would be appreciated before a pay $125 to tow it and then who knows how much for a dealer to diagnose and fix it.
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Re: Colorado won't start

play with the shifter-make sure it in park or neutral-safety interlock.automatic's
if standard the clutch pedal safety switch.

starter is on the drivers side below the intake you may beable to see it through the wheel opening with the rubber splash guard removed.

05 offroad/31's/airlift/custom slidein camper/k&n filter/custom 5 leaf spring pack.
2 1/2 yrs of owning and still enjoying it..
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Re: Colorado won't start

i would hate for it just to be this but did you check the starter fuse? its under the hood in the fuse box. i can't remember the exact location but it should be listed on the diagram on the fuse box lid. i've blown this one a couple times now and it does all of what you're describing when it's blown.
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Re: Colorado won't start

is the starter cranking but the engine not turning over?? You said you replaced the battery and still had the same problem, which would mean power was disconnected and the PCM was reset so it probably is stupid PASSLOCK. Did you get the problem diagnosed?
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Re: Colorado won't start

Originally Posted by calirado22
is the starter cranking but the engine not turning over?? You said you replaced the battery and still had the same problem, which would mean power was disconnected and the PCM was reset so it probably is stupid PASSLOCK. Did you get the problem diagnosed?
i agree if the engine is turning over but not starting you might want to wait about 10-12 min if it does start after that then it is the passlock/ignition switch going bad you would have to get the ignition switch replaced the passlock sensor is built into the ignition switch i had the same problems and they got prgressivly worse and i finaly broke down and replace the ignition switch cost me about $60 at the deal plus another $30 for reprogramming so you can look at spending close to $100 after taxes and every thing but i have not had any problems since.
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Re: Colorado won't start

aaronabbott Did yo get your starting problem fixed. I am having a simular problem, get turn the key to on all lights come on, radio works, but turn the key to start and the starter will not turn over.

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Re: Colorado won't start

I have a simular problem.
Tried to start my 06 Canyon, the dash lights came on when the key is truned to on, but when you trun the key to start the dash lights go out and the starter will not even try to rotate. Waited about an hour and tried it again still nothing. Three hours later it would start.
This has happend two other times, but did not take as long to restart.
Any help would be helpful.
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Re: Colorado won't start

i also am having this problem .. it comes and goes .. i know its not my red top , becasue not only do the interior lights work, all 6 6000k HIDS work, and my sound system works.. the starter wont turn.. the dash reads " traction Fault... reduced power" , so ive been disconnecting the positive battery terminal for about 10 minutes and then it fires right up like nothin happend..

im also having another issue with my truck .. recently while ive been driving home from work on the highway my truck will suddenly veer right , the first time it happend i almost hit the car in the right lane. after i gatherd the truck back my steering wheel was off center , the truck pulling to the right. could this be the half moon keys within the steering components or could this be a ball joint issue or something else.. please help me,


2005 Chevy Colorado, Regular cab , 2WD 3.5 L, the truck is lowered with a 4/5 canuck motorsports spring and blocks kit with DJM Cal-Max struts .. any help with either problem would be great ..

thanks in advance everyone !! :D
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Re: Colorado won't start

I am not as alone as I thought after all,
SAME EXACT PROBLEM, I took it to the shop, I was ready to leave it and since they need to 'duplicate' the problem, I tried turning it on just for kicks and it worked. So I did not leave her that time.
Last night I was changing the oil and spark plugs, when I try reseting the OIL LIFE it does it again and I cannot get it to start.
If you don't want to pay for towing to the dealer or shop you could try this, with the key open and the vehicle on neutral go under the truck with a screw driver (if no screw driver is available be sure that it has an insulated grip otherwise it won't be pretty) make the two post on the starter touch not the two big ones but he big and small, you might need someone to pump the gas while you do this to just to get the vehicle running. This has worked for me about 6 times before so good luck. I still have to take it and see if it could be the Passlock crap.

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Re: Colorado won't start

i also had this problem, but (at least for now) i was able to fix it. 05 cc ls z71 4x4 ~117k mi

in grocery store parking lot, truck wouldn't even try to turn over despite having all electronic systems go (hvac blower, lights, etc). displayed "reduced power." messed with battery leads, still wouldn't start. waited ~5 minutes, tried again, magically starts up, reduced power goes away but check engine light comes on.

short drive back to work where fortunately (being far from home) i have access to tools. removed nasty looking battery clamps from nasty looking terminals and with stiff wire brush filed away the large amount of rust and small amount of corrosion on clamps, nuts, terminals, etc as best i could. the negative clamp was so worn a g.d. metal chunk fell off! thoroughly blew off rust and corrosion dust and reconnected cables, although the metal piece that fell off resulted in the negative clamp being loose on the terminal... needs replacing of course. anyway, truck starts up fine and check engine light is gone!

in summary, check your battery terminals and cable clamps to make sure they're tight and not overly rusted/corroded. i suspect a dying battery could cause similar symptoms too though...

2005 Chevy Colorado LS CC Z71 4x4 3.5L I5
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