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Location: New Oxford, PA
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Welcome Everyone

Welcome to the site, Please use this area to introduce yourselves.

Brett Meyers started the site back in July, 2003. Many of us have been around for a while now.

I am Ken Deatrick my wife and daughter live in New Oxford, PA (Thats 10 miles from Gettysburg for those up on your American History.)
I work for Sprint Communications in the Network Operations Department.
I am also a volunteer firefigther and am Vice President of our local department. This brings a lot of personnal satisfaction, but can be a lot of work. I also take care of the Fire Co. Website

Brett made me a site admin here a few months ago and I along with about a dozen others are on here constantly.
My truck should be here any time now!

Ken Deatrick

2004 COLORADO 4WD LS EXT CAB Z85 - CT15653
Silver GM Hood Protector, Silver GM Small Flares, Factory Style Fog Lamps added
Rhino Liner, Fold-A-Cover, Carriage Works Billet Grille, Silverstar Bulbs


My CarDomain Gallery
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Join Date: Oct 2003
Location: Zillah, WA
Posts: 74
I am Jeff Miles and I live in Zillah, WA with my wife and 2 children. I am 40 something and this is the 4th truck I have factory ordered. I too work for Sprint as a service technician, installing and repairing voice and data service. CWA 7970 is my union local, I am a district vice-president. I am also starting the 3rd year of my term as a Zillah (pop. 2,500) city council person. My truck was unloaded from it's train car today. I guess Ken and I have a lot in common.
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Location: CNY
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Welcome newcomers!

My name is Mark.
I'm a moderator here on the site.

I had a ZQ8 regular cab Colorado on order over the summer. The dealer was not doing what he was supposed to be doing. I got mad. He sent my deposit back and cancelled the order.
I will be reordering from a different dealer in February for a April-May delivery.

I live in Camillus, NY, which is a suburb of Syracuse, NY (2003 NCAA men's basketball champs! :D ), which is located in central NY.

I work for New Venture Gear. We're a division of Chrysler. We produce 4x4 transfer cases, manual transaxles, and overdrive units. I'm a quality analyst. We own about 65% of the transfer case business worldwide. I get to test drive vehicles to make sure the quality of our product is up to snuff.

I've owned only GM products and plan to keep it that way. My current cars are in my sig.

2009 Challenger R/T
2007 Solstice GXP
2004 Colorado ZQ8 White
2002 Trans Am WS6 Collector Edition
1994 Grand Prix SE B4U
My Gallery
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welcome to myself and others...

my name is nathan Heck, and im a poster on this wonderful site:) i wasnt even looking at the colorados when i got mine, my truck happened to pull up on the car carrier and i said id take it, before it hit the showroom floor
I live in laura ohio which is a small rual town northwest of dayton, my parents are in the process of moving outside of zanesville so that is were my second home will be.
I work for a division of GM that most of u may know. Its name is DMAX Ltd. we make the duramax diesel engine for GM, i have only bought GM products cause i help give back to those who help make them, again welcome to the site
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Location: East Peoria, IL
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Happy New Year to you guys and a big thanks for all the information on this forum!

Tim Siscoe from Illinois - I just picked up my silver birch metallic, 4WD LS crew cab, Z71 Colorado yesterday afternoon (12/31). I was doing research on the Toyota Tacoma when I found information on the Colorados and I've been excited about them ever since. I found my truck on GMBUYPOWER by selecting the package I wanted and searching dealer inventory . . . . of course the trucks were listed on the internet but they weren't on the lots yet . . . so I gave the dealership a printout of the window sticker from the internet and said 'this is the truck I want' :D I waited a few weeks for it to show up but then drove it off the lot with 27 miles on it.

Thanks again for the great information on this forum. I look forward to hearing from the new owners + info from current owners working out the kinks!
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Hi and welcome to all those new to the board.My name on the board here is goldie1 but my real name is chris golden,I have been on the board here since aug of 03 .I currently am unemployed at this time but have been feverishly looking for full-time jobs here in the columbus area.I live with my parents in Grove City just outside of columbus.I had my truck on order but it is now built but still at the dam plant cause it is on a quality hold.My truck is a reg cab Z-71 suspension,,4x4,auto tranny ls cloth and decor and options,all power features,6disc cd changer,hard folding tonneau cover,and heavy duty trailering package with hitch and wirering harness.I can't wait to get it if it ever gets shipped from the plant.Well I just want to welcome all of you new here to the board and I hope you like what we have put on here and enjoy the board.

Possibly to have a Ext cab Z-71 4x4 Colorado

My real name is Chris.

Conservative Club Member #7
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Hi :)

Nick Denis from Clarkston, MI. I'm 20 years old, and a student at Kettering University in Flint, MI, and I work for General Motors, as well as working at a golf course in the summer for some extra spending money.

Decided when I first saw a Colorado in mock-up about a year or a year and a half ago that I wanted one. Picked mine up on the 30th with 77 miles on it, its already got 1700+ miles on it :D Truck is a black extended cab 2WD LS with the trailering package, power windows/locks/mirrors, AM/FM/CD, automatic, and autodimming rearview mirror with compass and temp display. It'll be getting a hard tonneau cover, but probably not for a couple months yet, not until I go back to work in march and have some money to spend. Love the truck, the more I drive it the more I like it

Also drive an '85 Pontiac Fiero GT, I've had it for a little over a year now. My first vehicle was a '95 S-10 that was unfortunately totalled about a year ago, within a week of me purchasing the Fiero. The Fiero has been my daily driver for the last year, as I've waited very impatiently for Colorados to go on sale. Now that I got mine, the Fiero is hiding in the garage for the winter.

Nick http://www.naskie18.com GoogleTalk: naskie18@gmail.com AIM: naskie18

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Hello from Minneapolis!

I've been reading many of the comments about the Colorado/Canyon pick up truck since early in December. I live in a suburb of Mpls., am married and have two children who are now in college. The truck I ordered on Nov. 20th is a replacement for a Ford Windstar that had served me well since 1976. My wife drives a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, my daughter drives a 1995 Honda Civic, and my son has a great bicycle. Most pick up truck buyers in this part of the country choose a four wheel drive, but I've opted for a 2wd based on past experience with other vehicles, with local driving conditions, and with how I intend to use the new truck. On December 30th I took delivery of a new Z71 with a full tank of gas. It now has about 300 miles on it and I wanted to join this forum to discuss some items of interest.

1974 MGB Roadster
1999 H. D. Sportster
2004 Colorado Z71 2wd Crew Cab
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HI! :D

J.D. from Kansas City, KS, born and raised in the small town of Arkansas City, KS. Small town good 'ole country boy who now calls the largest city in Kansas home- not saying it is very big!

I have been a big fan of inline-engines for a long time, since all of the vehicles that I currently have are inline type. I have 3 inline twins and 3 inline fours at home, in various vehicles and equipment. When I get my Colorado all of my vehicles will then be inline engine equipped. So I have been a big fan of Colorado since it was a mock-up. Soon as I found out it had an inline 5 available to go in it.

I am married and am a daddy to a month old infant, Nicole. My wife and I are thrilled at the latest addition to our family.

I agree with the guy from the Twin Cities, Silver Z71, who says that most people around where he is from (and from KC too) prefer 4WD but that my choice is RWD for a pickup, although I do also have a Jeep that handily takes care of the winter for my wife and I. RWD is much improved with options like traction control available now. Take care, J.D.
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Hi my name is Stewart and I just picked up my 2004 colorado on jan 17 I traded a 2002 S-10 ext cab with the ZQ8 package. My wife lisa has a all wheel drive jeep Grand cherokee Limited for off roading. I am looking forward to the aftermarket parts that will be available soon I hope

2004 sunburst orange Ext cab
20% tint, flowmaster 40 delta flow, mobil 1, hyper white headlights and backup lights, tuff skin sprayed bedliner clairon HU with JL 8w3 and JL WR door speakers, and JL250/1 sub amp.
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Hey everyone, I am a new owner of the colorado ZQ8 regular cab, I am very happy with it so far, I have already put a sub setup in it, if anyone would like to know wires colors and such, let me know..


'04 Colorado ZQ8 Reg Cab Black
'70 Datsun PL521 P/U Air ride
'71 Datsun PL510 2Dr Z'd out (trans-Susp)


04 ZQ8 Reg Cab Black
70 Datsun 521 P/U Air Ride
71 Datsun 510 2dr Z'd Out (Trans& Susp)
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Hi everyone, I am a current owner of a 97 Z28. Gettin a Colarado sometime this summer--crew cab Z71 4x4. thinking about victory red for the color.
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Hi everyone. I'm Justin. I'm 20 yrs old and now live in Newark, Delaware. I'm originally from Massachusetts. Moved to DE when my dad was transfered to the GM Boxwood plant. I work full-time at CitiBank as an Imaging Specialist and take classes a couple times a week so I can climb this corporate ladder some. I first saw the truck in the end of January and since then mine has been on order. I ordered it about 3 weeks ago now. I opted for the black ext. cab, z71, 4x4, with all the goodies. I can't wait as I have a 4-wheeler that needs to get around. Right now my dads Silverado performs that task. Well it was nice meeting everyone. Good luck with your trucks and take it easy, later.

2004 Colorado Ext cab LS z71 4x4 - traded :(
2007 Harley D. FXDB (Street Bob)
2006 Kawasaki KFX400
2004 Kawasaki zx636R
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I ordered a yellow ZQ8 on Feb 2. I talked to the dealer yesterday and I am still waiting for the order #. I live in Hollister, Ca and work in the Silicone Valley. The Colorado will be m 5th Chevy pickup. My first one was a ’79 4X4 that I bought in ’78 and it’s been all Chevy’s since then.

Yellow ZQ8 Regular Cab
My Gallery
The Sabre Group
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Hey everyone Im Vince and I am the new owner of a new 04 White Chevy Colorado. I live about 30 minutes from Los Angeles and Im just loving my truck and its great to see a website for Colorado lovers like myself.
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post #16 of 703 (permalink) Old 02-13-2004, 09:32 PM
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Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Posts: 75
Welcome chenzo86 !

Looking for a "green" truck.
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post #17 of 703 (permalink) Old 02-16-2004, 08:39 PM
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Location: Millstone, NJ
Posts: 3
Hi. I'm Jim G. from NJ. I have a Silver Birch Z71 Crew Cab. My father in-law is a GM employee, so I've been a GM owner since I met my wife. The GM discounts aren't as good as they used to be, but it sure beats haggling with car salespeople.
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Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: lima (elida), OH
Posts: 32
Hi everyone,my name is shawn i live in lima (elida) OH I have a o1 s-10.and im waiting on my colorado zq8 that I won in the onstar promotion.in decatur In, its hard to believe i won. and gm is really great the truck i won was a z85 four banger but they let me upgrade so i ordered the zq8 ex. cab I5.auto with all the goodies i hope the 3.73 rear was a good choice. my o1 dime has 3.42. im ready for another sport truck .i traded a 98 s-10 ss for the o1 and i sure miss the handeling.
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post #19 of 703 (permalink) Old 02-18-2004, 04:40 PM
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Congratulations Shawn on winning the pickup. I am waiting on my ZQ8 to replace my ’89 S-10. I went with the I5, auto and 3.73 rear end also. It should be a great combination.

Yellow ZQ8 Regular Cab
My Gallery
The Sabre Group
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Good win Shawn. I can't win b.c my dad works for GM, but thats cool that you won it. I just saw it advertised on TV yestarday. Pretty cool. Enjoy your truck. Well, you better it was practically free. Take care. Got any lotto numbers you think I should play? haha. Nice meeting everyone, take it easy!

2004 Colorado Ext cab LS z71 4x4 - traded :(
2007 Harley D. FXDB (Street Bob)
2006 Kawasaki KFX400
2004 Kawasaki zx636R
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